Dreamer Scholarships Available- Donations Accepted

The Immigration Team is offering at least four fee payments, each worth $495,  for DACA individuals from the Prescott area who have not yet re-registered and are required to do so by October 5 or lose their status.  If you would like to contribute to this effort please contact Team member Cheryl Berry puravida148@gmail.com at or 928-308-3806 for details.  Don’t delay!

To promote this project, and even more importantly, to alert local Dreamers of the need to re-register and where to do it, the Immigration Team created a poster with contact information for the agencies in Phoenix who are offering free help in filling out the applications.   This has been posted at Prescott and Yavapai Colleges, the Prescott and Prescott Valley Public Libraries, and in Alianza Spanish News.  Max Efrein of the Daily Courier has also been informed of the project to include in a story he is proposing to the Courier editors on the effect of Trump’s actions on local dreamers.

To get a copy of the poster click here.