Steering Committee Meeting Minutes- October 23, 2017

Call to order and introductions @5:04 pm.

Treasurer Report: In the account, there is $2109.07. Uncleared checks for $85.50 and $228.58. Net funds: $1794.99. Picnic income $1058 minus $185. Food cost $225.58. The net profit is $644.

Concern raised regarding tracking of money.

John Lutes (Treasurer) notes that the Prescott Indivisible picnic was a huge success! Both in terms of the number of people that attended and also the donations which were very generous.

John points out that we are not tracking donations by name in the account. As we explore 501c4, we will need to do that. Hal offers point of information: we are currently operating with no reporting obligation to the IRS. We can continue to do this so long as we don’t exceed $5000.

Discussion ensues regarding the extent of bookkeeping necessary for the group.

Move: from here forward keep track of distinction between merchandise sales and other donations.

All in favor: Passed.

Chair of next meeting: Tentatively Lois Case will chair the next meeting – as Hal will be unable to.

Communications Team:

Suggestion to make some addition to the newsletter which expresses thanks to those who donate their resources.

Idea regarding welcome letter so that it is clear to people that they are members of the group. These were both okayed.

Peacekeepers: Not present.

Community Building: It is noted how re-vitalizing the picnic was for the group. We discuss various ways to engage members to build interest and commitment including having a well-recognized speaker.

Human Rights Team:

Another postcard campaign supporting LGBT rights. Report of successful protest in support of women’s, children’s, abortion rights & birth control. Thursday is the “Civility Rally” on Whisky Row at 5:00 pm. It is for the “Stop Bullying” foundation.

Education Team: Focus on the state legislature. Start an initiative drive to boost property tax at the state level by 20% to increase salaries of teachers.

Proposal: some of our members may want to have lunch and lobby our state representatives.

 Immigration Team:  Since November 2016, there has been a decline in attendance at a program designed to give Mexican immigrants a primary and secondary school education.

There will be an event that will help immigrants to fill out forms for US government. Volunteers assist with helping them fill out forms accurately.

Environment Team: The attendance at meetings has dropped.

Move that “Move to Amend” tabled until next time. Passed. 

General Meeting Setup: We need to push to have people arrie early to set up the room. Several people volunteered to arrive early for the setup.

Short presentation on Trump Tax bill at General Meeting: María-Elena will find someone to give this presentation.

National Indivisible Regional Training: John Lutes is registered. Training in community organizing.

Marking Year of Trump’s election: Rosemary proposes a candle-light vigil. This will be taken to the Communication Committee.

Team Reports at the General Meeting: Question about whether to hand out paper version of team reports versus oral reports. We agreed that we will continue with the oral reports, but we will standardize time keeping. Rosemary will be the timer at the next General Meeting.

Community Building at General Meeting: Lois proposes refreshments and horseshoe seating arrangement so that it is more intimate. Hal suggests community building should be separate. Perhaps a holiday party. We did not come to a resolution on this issue.

Meeting closed at 6:31 pm.