Steering Committee Minutes

Summary of Steering Committee Meeting- Mon., Nov. 20, 2017, 5-6:30 pm- Sanctuary GPUU

Attendees:  Rosemary Dixon, Karen Goldstein, Liz Kally, John Lutes, Maria Lynam, Marion Pack, Hal Tyler

Review of last month’s meeting minutes – no comment/ changes

Review of 2018 calendar – changes will be made and sent – 12/18 and 6/25 SC mtg;  7/6 GMeeting

Review of Treasurers Report – Total cash on hand $1,978.74

  1. Discussion re tracking expenses/income. We will become an unincorporated non-profit and act like a community organization.  There is no need for him to keep detailed track of team expenses; they each get $100 and can spend as see fit and also raise their own $. If need over $100, come back to SC for approval. John will not put into QuickBooks or similar software at this time.  Everyone in agreement.
  1. Donation to GPUU.  GPUU has given PI a home since its inception and no monetary donation has been made to in appreciation.  It was second/moved and approved that a $500 donation be made to GPUU asap.

Discussion of Study/Presentation Session – John Lutes will present info from the SW Regional Institute.

Maria will contact Yavapai Title for Saturday dates in Jan.

Group will work on a presentation proposal for Prescott College’s Thumbprint Summit Deadline 1/30/18

Summit 3/30—3/31

Discussion of Outreach to college students/young adults – have presence at the weekly luncheons at Prescott College – who was going to find out about this???

General Meeting Plan

Early set up for refreshments/art     Molly Beverly, Lois Case, Maria Lynam  other help to be recruited

Marion Pack will have name tags available and set for re-use at future meetings

Greeters – Rosemary and (TBA)

Hanna will be there, but has gone over the mic setup with Maria

No videographer!

  12/1 Agenda – Maria will chair

5 min. to introduce to others around you

“Ask general questions” of action taken

Presentation Human Rights Committee

10 min. original play

10 min. (less) poetry

Announcements, including Jan. meeting (Liz to give BRIEF rah-rah for Ken), RTS etc

View Resist Art and Refreshments

TEAM REPORTS – Communications & Events

Maria reviewed process re emails internal and external.  If external (through website), it goes to appropriate responder. (  She checks mail weekly.

If Google Groups to SC – all respond, if appropriate.

Articles in DCourier re HR ACA initiative, Mechanic’s Tax Reform presentation, etc.

Right to Speak Training has been scheduled; Julia Watson working with the PPL re assistance for hearing/sight impaired.

     Women’s March – Jan. 20, noon-2.  Jennifer Masse and Maria are co-chairing PI’s part in this.  Will attend a meeting on 12/4.  Hope to have paint-ins and signs available for attendees.  Arrange for “sitters” to handout info on PI. Etc.

      Peacekeepers – Laura Molinaro has shoulder surgery.  Marion is alternate.  All is “Calm”.

     Human Rights – presence at WalMart, PV and The Raven Café, Prescott re the ACA initiative/signup dates.  Rally on 12/6.

     Education – Liz arranged for speaker in Jan. (Ken Clark, LD24).  Nothing going on until late Jan.

     Immigration – see the newsletters re LINC.

     Environment – Karen and Debbie Cotton received kudos on 11/17 presentation.  36 in attendance.  They plan next presentation for 12/15.  Handed out sheet of “How to Save the World” from an environmental standpoint. Working on ‘green’ business directory.  Keeping Deep Well Ranch and local issues in forefront.

Old Business –   Move to Amend.  Maria will contact Michael Adcock re the Feb. meeting.

Jim Pullaro, Reform Platform – asked to seek another group for his presentation.  He could not work within our time limitations.

New Business – Operation Haboob.  Info will be sent out to members in an upcoming newsletter.  We are on their mailing list.  Will work out as unfolds????

Next Meeting – Mon., Dec. 18 5-6:30, GPUU Friendship Hall unless otherwise advised.