The March PI Monthly Meeting – 3/2/18

Prescott Indivisible meets the first Friday of each month from 6- 7:30 PM  at Granite Peak Uniitarian Universalist Congregation (GPUU), 882 Sunset Ave, Prescott.  Click here for directions & a map.

Next Meeting- 6 p.m. Friday, March 2 @ GPUU

Meeting will be chaired by John Lutes, Treasurer and Rosemary Dixon, Steering Committee Member-at-Large

Meeting Agenda 2/2/18

  • 1. Greeting/Introductions
  • 2. Speakers –   Bill Mundell and Sandra Kennedy, candidates for the AZ Corporation Commission Haryaksha Gregor Knauer, Green Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives Jo Craycraft, LD1 candidate for AZ Senate
  • 3. Treasurer’s Report
  • 4. Discussion and vote re New teamElection Team–   The Elections Team will be a permanent team. Responsibilities include voter outreach efforts through education and training, assist in county-wide voter registration and arrange for special presentations to raise awareness about issues effecting voters. They will assist in getting out the vote prior to elections.
  • 5. Information on “Evict Gosar” Rally on Wed., March 7, 5pm, Prescott Courthouse Square (Human Rights Team)
  • 6. Information and Update on March for Our Lives, March 24, noon-1p Prescott Courthouse Square (Communication and Events Team)
  • 7. Team Interaction Opportunityour teams need your support!!!!


    *  Election Team, lead by Lois Case, will present information re voter outreach efforts. Peacekeepers has a new leader, Suellen Lemay – find out what you can do to help her. Education Team has two new leaders – LaBeth Pondish and Julia Watson. Find out what the AZ legislature is doing and how to help!

    *  Human Rights Team, Jennifer Masse, Leader – find out about their efforts and special events
    If interest in joining a team, or finding out more about a team, here is your chance.

    *  Immigration Team, new leader, Maria-Elena Dunn, will talk about on-going efforts and future needs.

     *  Environmental Team, Karen Goldstein, discusses upcoming Earth Day, March for Climate Change, etc.

    *  Communication and Events Team – needs technology assistant, event planning (short term and long term needs)

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