Announcing: Voter Education and Elections Team!

Announcing: Voter Education and Elections Team!

We are an Active group for Non-partisan Voter outreach: Education and Registration, Training for registration and Answering voting FAQs. We work cooperatively with other local organizations in the community. Our mission: to expand knowledge of the importance of participation in Democratic processes.

DRAFT Responsibilities (Subject to Approval):

* Coordinate the Voter Registration effort on an on-going basis; seeks a coalition with other organizations if feasible.

* Coordinate Voter Outreach: As we get closer to election days, we will encourage and remind people to vote.

* Voter Education: Create events designed to educate the community regarding the importance of voting, defining gerrymandering and disenfranchisement and discuss approaches for ACTION, providing sources of information that overcomes voter resistance and other actions and discussions related to democratic participation, ON A NON-PARTISAN BASIS.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING: Please contact Joyce van Walsum at, and I’ll add you to the list!