Petition Signatures for Outlaw Dirty Money are Needed!!!!

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“HUGE NEWS! The AZ Republic strongly endorsed the Outlaw Dirty Money Amendment!

Outlaw Dirty Money is a volunteer, nonpartisan initiative to get an AZ Constitutional Amendment on the November ballot that would require full disclosure of all major contributions right down to the original source. But it won’t get on the November ballot unless good people stand up and do their part and that is where YOU come in!  We can do this and there is still time to join us and circulate your own petition!  We have until June 5th to get the signatures.

If you know anyone who wants to gather petition signatures please contact me! We will train and provide the resources they need…  It’s easy, It’s fun and It’s the only way we get on the ballot!

We will be at the Earth Day festivities on Saturday including the March for Science afterwards.   We also need volunteers to gather signatures at the Verde Valley Fair.  Please contact me regarding helping out at these.
Go to and sign up today or contact Diane McQueen at or Art Atonna at to sign up to gather signatures.
Thank you all for the hard work you have been doing to get this amendment on the ballot!