INVEST IN EDUCATION INITIATIVE (Abe Kwok – Arizona Republic – May 20, 2018)

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The citizens initiative Invest in Education Act has been described as a soak-the-rich measure that provokes class warfare. It has also been hailed as the solution to sustained education funding.  This much is true: The ballot proposal is the only education-funding idea that’s presently in play for 2018, provided backers gather enough signatures to qualify it for the Nov. 6 election.

Not sure how you’d cast your vote on the proposition? Here are some key factors:

PROS for Invest in Education Initiative
  •      raises income taxes on those who benefited most from Federal tax cut
  •      avoids sales taxes and its effects on lower socioeconomic citizens
  •      only 2018 ballot proposal that guarantees funding that the legislature/governor can’t alter
  •      60% goes to teachers and 40% goes to operations and support staff
CONS Invest in Education Initiative
  •      education funding is every citizen’s responsibility – not just for those who earn $250,000+
  •      Az Chamber of Commerce is opposed to it because of possible effect on business growth

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