June Meeting Notes

Update on 6/1 General Meeting:

Steve Farley, Dem. candidate for AZ Governor, talked about his bipartisan efforts in the legislature and his vision of AZ under his leadership. Mark Robert Gordon, Dem. candidate for AZ Secretary of State, discussed how he would reform the error ridden office of the SOS.

All candidates are relying on grassroots support, so check out their websites and donate! We must help all the candidates in their efforts to bring sane legislation and leadership to AZ.

The Endorsement Committee recommended endorsing the following races: Congressional District 4 (CD4) Representative; AZ Governor; Legislative District 1 (LD1) State Senate and LD1 State House.

Ballots were passed out and counted. All of the above races were approved for endorsement. None of the write-in races received 50% of the votes.

If you want to speak at the July 6 General Meeting on behalf of endorsed candidate, please send request to:


All candidates were sent the PI Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire. Answers will be shared in future newsletters and on prescottindivisible.org

David Brill, CD4 House of Representatives candidate, invited everyone to his new office at 240 S. Montezuma St., Prescott, for pizza. The office will be shared with other progressive candidates.

Click here to view the Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire: