Here is a list of actions we can take on upcoming legislation. Pick 3 to comment on before the listed closing date.Pay special attention to the items on climate change, the EPA and Ryan Zinke.

Let us know what you did and we’ll put it in the PI-Environmental Team records.

1. Drilling for Oil in Federal Waters of Alaska. Published October 26th: “Interior
Department officials announced their approval Wednesday of a company’s plan to drill for oil
six miles off the Alaskan coast in the shallow waters of the Beaufort Sea. If the development
by Hilcorp Energy moves forward, it would be the first oil and gas production facility in federal
waters in Alaska, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said in the announcement, a major victory for
the oil industry and a blow to conservation groups that fought it, fearing a possible leak in a
sensitive and pristine natural environment.”
Click here for more information on this action and here for the Company statement.

Here is the official notice.

2. 10/15/2018: EPA relaxation of methane standards and other greenhouse gases.

Details here. Comment here.

3. Dow Chemical is proposing new uses for neonicotinoid-replacement shown to hurt bees
More information here.  There are two proposals open for comment until Nov. 13th.

Comment here and here.
4. October 19, 2018: Trump issued a proclamation directing several agencies to “to develop
plans to suspend or revise regulations that hamper water deliveries.” In part it is a plan to
divert water from SF Bay and Northern CA rivers to central valley farmers. Environmentalists
oppose this as well as Brown’s Delta Tunnels project because water diversion will result in
salination of the San Francisco Bay by allowing Pacific Ocean saltwater to encroach on what
had been fresh water regions, endangering multiple ecosystems and species.

For more info go here and here.