We have to be loud and we have to show up.
We have to be visible and use our power.
We have power. We have power as individuals. We remain true to a moral compass that will not allow us to stand aside and watch democracy, our country or the planet be devastated by this administration and it’s enablers.
We have the power of community. We are stronger together and our combined voices are loud.
We have the power of our education. We KNOW that climate change is exacerbated by humanity’s wasteful and greedy behavior. We KNOW this nation’s history of racism and colonialism. We KNOW that the way this country developed favored white property-owning men. We KNOW that this legacy stays with us and that our “leaders” wish to strengthen the inequality in which we are steeped.
We have the power to ACT. We make calls, write postcards and letters, speak with neighbors, and pay attention to what’s happening. We know better than to let this political climate become normalized.

Because of who we are and what we do, we will prevail. Keep on. Call legislators that are trying to weaken voting rights. Investigate! Read a variety of sources. Seek out the science. Show up to protest. Circulate petitions.
Keep active and keep alert.