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Prescott Indivisible is a non-partisan community which seeks to promote a progressive and inclusive agenda in support of human rights and the environment. Prescott Indivisible is part of a nationwide movement to educate, share, and uphold liberty and justice for all with compassion and a dedication to truth.

Prescott Indivisible adopted the following Code of Non–Violence on 2.11.2017:
We will use no violence verbal or physical towards any person.
We will maintain an attitude of openness and respect toward all we encounter.
We will not destroy or damage any property.
We will carry no weapons or any means of self-defense.

Prescott Indivisible Guidelines provide for a Steering Committee responsible for overall policy and direction of the group. The Steering Committee consists of three Members at Large, a Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a representative from each team and permanent committee. 052318 PI Contact List

Questions can be sent to:  IndivisibleAZ4@gmail.com.

Want to get involved?
Work with others in the community? Pick your passion – each team has a mission and direction and they need your help!

Contact a Prescott Indivisible Team Leader (click to email):

Prescott Indivisible Committees – Contact Info 5/23/18

Education  LaBeth Pondish; Julia Watson 

Elections    Molly Beverly

Environment    Deb Cotton

Human Rights    Jennifer Masse

Immigration     Maria-Elena Dunn

Communication/Events     Maria Lynam


State Liaison     Hal Tyler

Treasurer    John Lutes

Videographer/Photographer      Bill Court

Newsletter Editors Molly Beverly, Gina Clark

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Website   Neil Cooperrider

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