Here are resources to learn what you legislature is up to. 

1.  Please read 8 Reasons to Pay Attention to State Politics. We are working on an initiative to coordinate with other groups statewide.
2. Please follow a new free publication AZ Mirror, and also the AZ Capitol TimesAZ Central and watch Arizona Horizon (Sundays, PBS) for interviews with local legislators, etc.
3. Follow Fann, Campbell and Stringer on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other state legislators in leadership positions.
4. View a new video on the Request to Speak system that Civic Engagement Beyond Voting has just introduced – it will take you less than five minutes and if you want to take notes, pause as many times as you like.
5.  Subscribe to the Iyer Report, the AZ Legislative Alert and the LD1Legislation Report to know what to pay attention to each week when you sign into the RTS system and have your voice be heard!
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The AZ LEgislative Alert, contact to be placed on the mailing list. Click here for this week’s issue.  This week’s Legislative Alert contains information on how to use ResistBot and Request To Speak!