The following message was received from Tricia Sauer, AZ Indivisible Organizer. this am.  PLEASE TAKE ACTION!  We are one of the largest and most active organizations in the state – let’s do what we do best!

Each link below includes all that is necessary to complete one action. 
Please do them all.

Will Senator Sinema stand with Mitch McConnell or stand with Arizonans? 

By now you’ve heard that late last night the House passed the Covid-19 relief bill, great news! Now that the House has moved it along, it brings us one step closer to the House voting on the HR1/For the People Act (vote expected next week). Once that passes and moves to the Senate, the filibuster will rear its ugly, racist head. 

To that end, we have several calls to action and resources asking Senator Sinema to end the filibuster, please share with your members. 

We have a new landing page targeting Senator Sinema with ways that folks in AZ can take action (and wait! There’s something for out of state people to do too!):
Landing page (Contains all the actions below – Click & scroll to view)
Sinema S1/filibuster call page
Sinema email page
Sinema Letter to the Editor page
Sinema tweet page
Sinema soapboxx page – Create a video

Three graphics are attached you can share in your emails. 

Folks can also text Arizona to 977-79 to hear a little message about what’s at stake and what to say when they call and be connected, OR call 1-877-847-4809

And for out of state (and in state) folks who are pissed at Sinema and the way she just consistently chooses to stand with McConnell over Arizonans on democracy and eliminating the filibuster, they can phonebank into Arizona voters and ask THEM to call Sinema.  

Click here to see the Open Phone Bank (note: it won’t work before 8am local time!). This could be a super fun group activity for groups who want to do a little extra to eliminate the filibuster! Here’s a resource on how to use an open phone bank
All of these Sinema-specific things make it possible for us to respond when (apparently) she tells Schumer she’s only getting calls from folks telling her to keep the filibuster. Yep, that happened! 

Two days ago, Arizonans made 208 calls to her office adding up to over 8.5 hours of talk and voicemail time. View and share the little tweet on it here. Keep calling!

Several of our groups have started taking action – please support by sharing their actions: 

Tweet of Cathy Sigmon, Civic Engagement Beyond Voting

Facebook post of Cathy Sigmon, Civic Engagement Beyond Voting

Indivisible Tucson Action Alliance tweet – Letter to the Editor

Be sure to tag: @IndivisibleofAZ and @IndivisibleTeam when posting so we can help you amplify your efforts. 

You and your members are also invited to the Activist Cafe for Arizona Indivisibles on Thursday, March 4th, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Drop in, do a few actions together with like minded people, see how all the new tools work. Click here to register and Share the facebook invite here

Also here are updated Resources from Indivisible:

Senator Mark Kelly – Democracy Fact Sheet and Ask

Senator Krysten Sinema – Democracy Fact Sheet and Ask

Information on Democracy Bills

HR1 HR4 HR51 Racial Justice Talking Points