From DWPA:
Prescott, this is urgent. 

The Prescott City Council is working to pass a resolution that would effectively ban Drag, and so much more. 

The Prescott City Council would have everyone believe that the purpose of this legislation is to “protect children” from exploitation. Let’s be clear, this proposal does absolutely NOTHING to ensure the safety of children. It does, however, give Prescott City Officials the ability to discriminate against the LGBTQ community without consequence, and impede on our constitutional rights to free speech and association. 

This resolution has the votes to pass, which is why it is imperative that everyone who is able shows up on Tuesday and speaks up against this resolution. We need YOU to let our city council members know, if they vote for this resolution, they will lose their next election. Please Sign Up to Speak on Tuesday, and call our mayor and council members to tell them you strongly oppose this resolution. 
Call your council members: