GYCC OFFERS SUPPORT BOXES FOR COVID POSITIVE FAMILIESIt’s time to put our thoughts and prayers in a Box!
Greater Yavapai County Coalition (GYCC)  has been  receiving urgent requests from Covid Positive Community Members with moderate symptoms who are being asked to Isolate/Quarantine at home to avoid overflowing hospitals.  Those afflicted are often unable to pick up supplies because of contagion and quarantine“COVID SUPPORT BOXES” have 14 days of supplies which will help Covid Positive individuals manage their symptoms at home.
The boxes will focus on the following in order of priority and based on supply:
* Oxygen and Temperature Monitors for quantitative measurement of symptoms
*   PPE- gloves, masks for everyone in household
*   Disinfecting/Sanitization Products
*   Hydration and Electrolyte Support
*   Shelf Stable food requiring minimal preparation

If you need a box or would like donate items contact us at” GYCCINFO@GMAIL.COM or AZFAITHBRIDGE@GMAIL.COM.

To make a donation- visit the GYCC website at 

The Greater Yavapai County Coalition (GYCC) is a non profit collaboration of  Organizations that provide an umbrella of support to members and allies of the LGBTQ+ Community in Yavapai County, Arizona.
 What we do:
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