A Message from Co-Chair: Debbie Cotton
It has been a pleasure to meet you all and work with you as member, co-chair and chair of the Prescott Indivisible Environmental Team over the past 2 years. We have a long list of accomplishments from educational events, guest speakers, marches, rallies, Earth Day booths, work on legislative issues, EPA issues, Department of the Interior issues, the 2018 election and promoting Proposition 127. There is still a lot to be done.

I am stepping down as co-chair beginning in 2019 and I am very happy to announce to you that Jim Stein will be returning as a co-chair of the team. Thank you Jim. We want a very warm welcome for Patti Michelle Sheaffer who has agreed to be the other co-chair. I’m excited that Patti has agreed to take this leadership position. She  has had a long career as a rocket scientist, knows science data and has educated herself about our most pressing issue– climate change.  Please welcome Patti to the team chair position.

Contact:  Jim Stein (jastein@cableone.net)

Debbie Cotton

PI-ET Co-chair