In a few days, we’ll release a new Indivisible guide: Indivisible on Offense. (We’ve been working on a new guide for months… we kind of had a feeling last night’s victory might happen.) In 2017, we made Congress listen. In 2018, we remade Congress. And in 2019, the next Congress will feature a new generation of brave, diverse leaders.
The new Democratic House majority has agenda-setting power. They can pass legislation. They can use investigatory and subpoena power. They can act as a check on this Administration. This all gets a little wonky and complex, but it’s hugely powerful. And we’ll release Indivisible on Offense next week to walk you through all the ins and outs, and help you work to ensure Democrats use all their new powers.
This is how we’ll go from taking the House to taking the White House. Want to get a sneak peek of the plan? Sign up here to let us know you’re in for phase two of this strategy. We’ll send over an invite for the Indivisible movement-wide strategy call next Tuesday at 8pm ET/5pm PT to start organizing. And, please, forward this to your friends too — what better time to join this movement than after a historic, nationwide win?
We all know Trump won’t take this loss sitting down. The fight for our democracy is far from over. But we also know that Indivisibles all over the country made last night’s win possible and showed how we can win again.
We’re not scared anymore. We’re not lost. We’re not alone. We know that America belongs to all of us — and that we’re all in this together. Indivisible.