Indivisibles, Just like that, you jumped back into action when we realized the Georgia runoff races would determine control of the Senate. With power still hanging in the balance, it only makes sense that you would want to do everything possible to deliver these wins. Our organizing team is working closely with Georgia Indivisible groups to finalize a plan that centers their voices and is mindful of the needs of existing advocacy on the ground.  For now, the best way to be part of the movement that reclaims the Senate is to contribute to the local work that is already underway:

Support our fight for the Senate by splitting a gift to Rev. Raphael Warnock (running against Kelly Loeffler), Jon Ossoff (running against David Perdue), and Indivisible.
We’re in a critical transition period that will lay the groundwork for all the work we’ll do in 2021. We want to build a government that is responsive and representative of our values, but that kind of transformation won’t happen without sustained pressure. Now is the time to start applying some of that pressure by making our expectations clear and preparing for the fights ahead. Your donation will go to the Warnock and Ossoff campaigns and fund our upcoming plans for voter outreach. Until we have more details about our plans in Georgia, we want to turn your attention to leveraging power with your member of Congress and the incoming Biden administration.

With that in mind, here are your weekly to-dos:  Your weekly to-dos
1. Read this summary of our priorities for the final weeks of 2020.
We know that Joe Biden has won the presidency, but the only way he’s going to be able to pursue his agenda fully is if Democrats have full control of both chambers of Congress. We know we’re keeping control of the House of Representatives, but we won’t know the Senate’s makeup until after the Georgia runoff elections in January 2021. Even in this stretch of uncertainty, there are still lots of things you can do to help us finish the year strong.

2. Tell your Senators to urge Biden not to appoint corporatists to his cabinet.
In the Executive Branch, personnel is key to getting any of a President’s agenda enacted. If we want to see significant progressive change, it starts with President-elect Biden appointing progressive leaders to his cabinet and to key administrative positions. While Biden’s picks require Senate confirmation, there are ways Biden can circumvent Mitch McConnell’s plans for obstruction. For more details, read our resource about building a progressive Biden administration.

3. Learn about the power of a progressive voting bloc in Congress.
One important way progressives in the House can grow and use their power is through the use of a voting bloc. By creating a bloc and executing it strategically, progressives can force leadership to listen to their demands and win key victories.

4. Thank your progressive member of Congress.
This letter template can be the first of many conversations with your member of Congress that thanks them for the work they’ve done and encourages them to pass bold, progressive legislation.

5. Prepare for the work to come by reviewing our core priorities for 2021.
Democracy reform is at the heart of the work we have to do to rebuild from the Trump years. Learn more about the issues we’ve identified as priorities for our work going forward. 

National events
Where we’re at with Protect the Results: Mid-November Host Update Call
Now that we’re past election week and a Biden-Harris presidency is inevitable, Protect the Results is transitioning to focus on building momentum toward the inauguration in January while staying ready to check Trump if necessary. But we know it’s been quite a process to get to this point! This call will provide an update for and from the wide Protect the Results network – we’ll share what has guided activation decisions so far, offer talking points and planning suggestions for where we go from here, and leave lots of space for Q&A.
Date: TOMORROW, Tuesday, November 17, from 8 pm to 9 pm EST — Register here.

Indivisible National Rural Call
For our monthly call (and final of 2020!), join rural activists and organizers to hear from Matt Barron about the efficacy of rural radio and rural newspaper ads in key Senate states. He’ll provide a rural electoral debrief on how Indivisible’s Payback Project spent money on rural ads and newsprint this cycle in states like Arizona and Georgia. If you attend, you’ll get to see and hear the ads!
Date: Wednesday, November 18 at 8 pm EST — Register here.