A screenshot of three news headlines with the final clause of each headline highlighted in yellow. CNN reads “Trump floats delaying election despite lack of authority to do so.” NBC reads “Fact check: Trump suggests postponing November election. Impossible, experts say.” Vox reads “Trump suggests he might “delay the election.” He can’t do that.”
You probably saw the headlines — early this morning, Trump tweeted out a suggestion that an unspecified-someone should delay the 2020 election.
First thing: he can’t do that. Congress could, but Trump can’t. But we all know “can’t” and “illegal” have never stopped Trump from trying.
Here’s the “why” of Trump’s tweets: if Trump loses, he wants his base to think it’s because of a nefarious plot against him, not because he’s the worst president of our lifetimes.
Not because millions of Americans rose up and said “no thanks, no more.” He’s a cog in the GOP’s long-standing democracy-undermining machine, and their plan is that long after Trump is gone, his people will keep calling the legitimate exercise of our democratic rights “fake news.”

That’s why it’s essential we respond quickly and strongly: not because Trump can change the date of the election (once again, HE CAN’T) but because his messaging is aimed at undermining the legitimacy of the one way we can get him and the GOP out of power. Here’s what to do:

Sign up for 2020 Bootcamp. We can’t let Trump distract us — we need to do the work to win. On August 8 we’re holding an all-day virtual conference to learn the skills you need to win. We’ll cover phonebanking, textbanking, countering online disinformation (LIKE TRUMP’S TWEETS!) and more.

Sign up to Protect the Results. Over the last few weeks, Trump’s tweeted more and more things discrediting mail-in ballots and suggesting that the election may be rigged against him. 🙄 He’s setting the stage to challenge the results, and with the power of the presidency behind him, we need to be prepared with a legal and advocacy strategy to respond. Join Protect the Results to help in that work.

Make a monthly donation. If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that the news never slows down. Making even a small monthly donation helps us be prepared for whatever comes, and costs less than a cup of coffee. Chip in even $5 or $10 monthly to support all our work. I know there’s a lot of news coming at you every day, and that we’re asking a lot. It’s a cliche at this point that “this is the most important election of our lives” but it’s true: the very future of American democracy literally depends on what we can do in the next 97 days. I’m so eternally grateful to be in this fight together with you. In solidarity,
Meagan Hatcher-Mays
Director of Democracy Policy, Indivisible