Indivisibles, This week, Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson sent every voter in her state an absentee ballot application, and Donald Trump went on a tweet rampage. Let’s just be clear about the facts: vote-by-mail is the safest voting option during a pandemic, even Republican-led states have been doing this for years (way to go Iowa, Nebraska, and West Virginia!), and Donald Trump literally voted by mail earlier this year. Yes, you read that correctly.  Nonetheless, Trump was so incensed that he took to Twitter and threatened to cut off Michigan’s federal funding — don’t worry, we’re pretty sure he can’t legally do this. But now we know he’s mad.

Let’s let Trump inspire us to sign up as many people to vote by mail as we can. The idea of more people voting makes Donald Trump seethe — but more importantly, it’s another way that we can stay at home and do our part to support the frontline workers who are working to keep us safe through this crisis while also enfranchising voters. Michigan isn’t the only state that Trump has attacked for making voting accessible and it won’t be the last, and that’s why we have to act now to protect our democracy.
Here’s what you can do:

Our partner, Organizing Together 2020, just launched a huge campaign in Arizona to sign up tens of thousands of voters for the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL), which is Arizona’s vote-by-mail system.
Join us on next Saturday for a phonebank to make calls and send texts to your friends and neighbors about the importance of signing up to vote by mail.

This year, we have to make our voices heard like never before, and we all need to do our parts to keep each other and our frontline workers safe. Join us to get your family, friends and neighbors signed up to vote-by-mail today.  Can’t join us next week, but want to talk to the organizer assigned to your community?
Sign up for Organizing Together 2020’s Arizona Ready email list and we’ll make sure your local organizer gets in touch. 
In solidarity,
Indivisible Team