Hello NAZCCA community!

In April, we began a series of conversations in our communities, digging deep to be more strategic and discussing how we can create change. The most common question we received was, “What can I do to be more involved?”. To answer your questions and further the discussion, NAZCCA will be hosting two workshops in May. Continue reading to learn more about the workshops and other events this month! We hope you join us!

Sunday, May 17th 1-3:30pm – The Need to GROW

Join us for a virtual movie screening via zoom followed by an open group discussion. Can we feed the world without destroying the Earth? That’s the question award-winning environmental documentary, The Need To Grow, attempts to answer by following the lives of three very different activists and innovators.“We wanted to make a film that redirected energy into the positive actions we can take right now which have powerful ripple effects to change culture.”

CLICK LINK TO REGISTER:  Virtual House Party Movie Screening

Tuesday, May 19th 4-5:30pm – Keeping the Earth: a forum for Clergy & Faith Leaders

This presentation and discussion will explore the interface between religion and science in this time that the creation/biosphere is under threat from global mass extinction and climate change. What are our shared values? What are our shared responsibilities? Co-Hosts: Dr. Roy May (theology and ethics) and Dr. Stefan Sommer (ecological sustainability). Click here for more information!

CLICK LINK TO REGISTER:  Keeping the Earth Zoom Registration

Wednesday, May 27th 1-3pm – NAZCCA Community Workshop!

Our NAZCCA Community Workshop is an introductory presentation and open discussion of NAZCCA as a grassroots organization, hosted by Community Organizers Kari Hull and Jenna Ortega. This presentation will cover NAZCCA’s mission and vision, the inspiration and successes of community organizing, and building a climate action movement to create real change at local, state and national levels.  


Friday, May 29th 1-3pm – NAZCCA Team Building Workshop!

Our Team Building Workshop demonstrates community engagement through specialized Climate Action Teams and weaving these teams into the foundational work of NAZCCA’s education, empowerment & action for sustainable change. Community organizing is all about people, power, and change – it starts with people and relationships, is focused on shifting power, and aims to create lasting change. Join us to discuss how people can organize for a sustainable future and how to become involved!


NAZCCA VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Special shout-out to our extraordinary volunteers, Jim Gale & Peggy Chaikin from Sedona, who were featured in an event hosted by the Sustainability Alliance Community Conversations: Lessons From the Pandemic”. The discussion explored what we’ve all learned through the pandemic and how it might change how we operate in the future. NAZCCA is a proud member of the Sustainability Alliance, a collaborative coalition of local non-profits guiding Sedona/Verde Valley toward a sustainable future.

Use these links for some great resources and to learn more:Rebooting Humanity & Sustainability Alliance Blog

Important Zoom Update

Please update your Zoom to 5.0 now. After May 30, 2020, all Zoom clients on older versions will receive a forced upgrade when trying to join meetings. Click here for more information.

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Reach out to your community organizer if you have any questions or would like to join one of our Climate Action Teams! We want to make sure everyone in our NAZCCA community has access to Zoom and can join our meetings. Feel free to contact us should you need help.

Kari Hull (West Region: Prescott, Cottonwood) kari.nazcca@gmail.com  

Jenna Ortega (East Region: Flagstaff, Sedona) jenna.nazcca@gmail.com