Rally & Sign to Protect Our Elections!

          Saturday July 24, 11-3pm

  Stop voter suppression laws, put an end to dark money in politics, and stop the new flat tax and other related tax laws. We need your help now! Sign the petitions (signing opportunity information below) and volunteer to help. 
Arizona Deserves Better and Invest in Arizona (formerly Invest in ED) each needs over 170,000 signatures in 90 days! 

Arizona Deserves Better has filed three referendum petitions: one targeting the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL, SB1485), another prohibits private grants to help run elections, including voter registration (HB2569),and a third(SB1819) requires markings on ballots (bar and QR codes) that could violate the ballot secrecy guarantee of the Arizona Constitution and would remove certain powers of the Secretary of State Office.


Invest in Arizona has filed three referendum petitions: 
3 Referrals of 3 Laws:

1. Restore billions of funding cut by the legislature in June 2021. These funds are critically needed to solve the teacher shortage crisis, lower class sizes, add more aides and counselors, and expand career and technical education.
2. Prevent Arizona legislators from overturning the will of 1.7 million Arizona voters in a bait-and-switch scheme to destroy Prop 208 by exempting their rich friends from paying taxes that Arizona voters passed.
3. Ensure Arizona invests in its schools and infrastructure, instead of handing a billion dollars to millionaires in the form of massive tax cuts. Stronger schools mean a strong economy.
4. Do I have to sign all three petitions? YES, because Gov. Ducey and 47 Republican legislators used a combination of three bills and workarounds to cut education funding, including the “flat tax” scheme and SB 1783. To fix what they destroyed, we need to recall all three parts.

1827 – Tax Cap
1. Decreases Arizona’s general fund by almost $500 million, and therefore cuts K12 spending by over $250 million per year.
2. Ensures the wealthy pay less than their fair share in income taxes by capping the total income tax at 4.5%, working against additional funding guaranteed by Prop 208. (If high-income individuals are paying a 3.5% Prop 208 surcharge, they would only pay 1% to income tax, while everyone else would pay 2.5%.)
3. Forces the Legislature to backfill and sweep funding from other services instead of investing in Arizona.

1828 – Flat Tax
1. Reduces state revenue by $1.9 billion by introducing a “so called” flat tax that gives the wealthiest Arizonans a $350,000 tax break.
2. Disproportionately benefits the wealthy. Nearly ¾ of residents will see less than $50 and ½ will only receive $17 (according to AZ Cap Times).
3. A ⅔ majority of the Legislature is required to reverse the flat tax, meaning this change is all but permanent. A referendum is the only solution to prevent this damage to our economy.

1783 – Prop 208 Attack
1. This bill is a direct attack on Prop 208 and the 1.7 million Arizona voters who passed it. It siphons off over $300 million dollars of classroom funding approved by Arizona voters.
2. Any high earning individual now has an incentive to file as “small business,” and the ultra wealthy who earn most of their income from investments would be mostly exempt.

  We Need You to Act Now ! 

Petition Signing opportunities are scheduled across 
Yavapai County on July 24! 
Find an event near you! Prescott – Yavapai County Democratic Headquarters – 1555 Iron Springs Road – 11-3pm – Diane McQueen – 928-699-4308 Prescott – GPUUC – Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation (GPUUC) 882 Sunset Ave. – Rosemary Agneessens – peac4schools@gmail.com, 11-3pm Mayer -Vivian Perry – Home Event – Call for directions – 928-830-9165, 10:30-1:30pm Cottonwood – Mike Cosentino – Driveway Event – 1130 South 8th Street, 11-3pm. Kat Ginzel katginzel@aol.com  Sedona – DORR Headquarters, 105 Roadrunner Dr., Suite 2A. 11-3pm.  Karen McClelland, klmsedona@gmail.com  Camp Verde – Camp Verde Public Library, 130 Black Ridge Loop Rd. 9-11am – Kari Hull – 928-899-4388 Note: Signing events are happening across the state!  Please contact Diane McQueen at mcq4356@gmail.comfor more information and for associated graphics for social media and emails blasts. This is a coordinated event and consistency matters!

About Arizona Deserves Better
Arizonans are opinionated, passionate, and politically diverse. But one thing we agree on is that the will of voters makes up the heart and soul of our democracy. Laws that exclude voters or that make it more difficult to vote, threaten us all. Driven by fear of losing their seats, extremist politicians in the Arizona Legislature have passed anti-voter bills the Governor has now signed into law. These laws drastically lower the number of voters allowed to vote early or by mail and make it more difficult for voters to correct technical errors on legally cast ballots. They even make it illegal to offer water to voters
waiting in line.

Arizona Deserves Better is initiating a referendum process from the Arizona Constitution which allows ordinary citizens to petition a referendum, placing controversial laws on the ballot, where Arizona’s voters can vote up or down. By placing these bills on the 2022 ballot they cannot be enacted for the 2022 election.In order to put these bills on the ballot, we have only 90 days from the adjournment of the Legislature to collect the signatures for each bill.

Arizona Deserves Better is cofounded by Alison Porter, co-founder of Save Our Schools and Eric Kramer, former chair of the Navajo County Democrats and a grassroots organizer in northeastern Arizona.  Arizona Deserves Better is collaborating with Neighbors Forward AZ, which is primarily a volunteer organization committed to connecting individuals and organizations that are working to improve their community.  

Arizona Deserves Better is a non-profit organization formed years ago in order to bring about the resignation of an Arizona legislator with a criminal record. The organization is now dedicated to pushing back against efforts to restrict voting rights in Arizona.
Volunteer and get petitions to circulate.

About Stop Dark Money (formerly Outlaw Dirty Money)
After pausing the last campaign due to the pandemic, Stop Dark Money has rebranded and is back with a legislative initiative with the goal to collect 300,000 voter signatures to get on the November 2022 ballot. The initiative is spearheaded by Terry Goddard, former Arizona Attorney General.

Paid for by Voters’ Right to Know – an Arizona PAC that reports all contributors.
Volunteer and get petitions to circulate.

Invest in Arizona (formerly Invest in Ed)
Contact: Kari Hull kari.hull66@gmail.com 928-899-4388
Nicky Indicavitch  NickyIndicavitch@gmail.com  928-899-4459
  How can you help? Volunteer!

Stop Dark Money and Arizona Deserves Better:
Contact Diane McQueen: mcq4356@gmail.com 928-699-4308

YavDem Precinct Leadership Co-Chairs:  
Kari Hull
 kari.hull66@gmail.com 928-899-4388
Nicky Indicavitch  NickyIndicavitch@gmail.com  928-899-4459