Prescott Indivisible, as a non-partisan, progressive grassroots group adds its voice to the many calls for Rep. David Stringer to resign. We are a group of LD1 constituents who are working for a fair and equitable Arizona, and we demand a representative who values all people equally. It has become clear that he is unable to represent LD1 with any efficacy given his racist comments and attitude, along with clear evidence that he failed to report to the voting public his past guilty pleas for possession of child pornography.

There are standards of conduct and character that must be met in order to be a member of the AZ House in good standing. Rep. Stringer has not met these standards. The fact that Stringer’s resignation has been called for by Gov. Ducey and Republican members of the Arizona state legislature indicates that this is not a partisan issue, but rather one of right vs. wrong. Mr. Stringer has in the past illegally consumed child pornography, so how can we believe that he will do what is best for our precious children? He has spoken outright regarding his belief that we “don’t have enough white kids” and that people of color and immigrants just “don’t blend in,” so how can we trust that he will legislate fairly for all? He has been stripped of his committee assignments, so how can he work to represent us, when he now has very little influence in the chamber?

Prescott Indivisible speaks with one voice in publicly calling for David Stringer’s resignation. He is of no use to the constituents in LD1 any longer and we do not wish to have a person of such questionable morals representing us. It would be unfair to all Arizonans for him to remain in office. We urge him to do the honorable thing and not to let this drag out. The AZ Legislature has work to do and his position there is now hindering that work.


~Rosemary Dixon

Chair-Prescott Indivisible