Red Alert Issues! Gosar on the hot seat – Come Help!


All hands on deck! We have an AMAZING opportunity to do some real work to evict Gosar!

We have until Tuesday (6/12) to contest Gosar’s petitions. It is “possible” he has enough invalid signatures to be ineligible for the ballot in November!!!!!!!! This is still a big IF… but we HAVE to do everything possible to see if it will work.

Brill campaign representatives will be working at the office at 240 S Montezuma all weekend and we need as many people as possible to help. Even if you can only stay an hour, or a half hour, or all day or afternoon… whatever time you can devote will be invaluable. Please bring a laptop if you can. The signatures have to be verified online and spare computers will be hard to come by.

Someone will be at the office starting at 9am tomorrow. Someone will be there all day to show us all how to validate the signatures. The Brill campaign has a big event Sunday afternoon but as long as there are still signatures to verify someone will remain behind to keep the office open for anyone who can pitch in.

PLEASE, if you do nothing else, PLEASE help with this effort! It has the potential to change everything!!! Resist!


Evict Gosar!!!!