How to Volunteer for the Prescott Indivisible Redistricting Team Effort

Every ten years congressional and legislative district lines are redrawn to account for population shifts and to ensure near equal representation in government. This year the census has been delayed, but the redistricting process remains in place.

In 2000, Arizona voters passed Proposition 106, which amended the Arizona Constitution to form a five-member commission, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC), to redraw congressional and legislative district lines after each census. Prior to the approval of Proposition 106, the legislature was responsible for drawing the congressional and legislative lines for redistricting. The AIRC is independent of the state legislature.

The Prescott Indivisible Redistricting group contacts the AIRC about items on their agenda.  It is important that the AIRC be aware that the public is watching them; that they adhere to their charge.

Invitation to Assist with Redistricting Communication

If you want to assist in this effort, contact an ADP Redistricting Liaison:

Find out how you can comment to the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission before or during their meetings. The AIRC Tuesday meetings are open for public written comment from 9:30a on.

What Does a Volunteer Do? You will receive a weekly email with talking points that you can rewrite and submit prior to the Tuesday AIRC meetings via the Contact Us form on the website or during the meeting via an on-line form. All links to the meeting and on-line form are included. Your input will make the Independent Redistricting Commissioners understand that the public is listening! You do not have to listen to the meeting unless you so desire.

PLEASE STEP UP! This opportunity comes once every ten years! 

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