Jim Stein, Co-chair of the PI Environmental Team presented a resolution that was approved by the Steering Committee to the membership for ratification. By a unanimous raising of hands, the following resolution was ratified:

Resolution to request that the DNC sponsors televised debates on addressing the Climate Crisis:
The General Membership of Prescott Indivisible urges the Democratic National Committee to hold a presidential debate focused on addressing the climate crisis. Rapid climate change is the biggest threat to U.S. economic stability, national security, and public health in our history. As such, our changing climate is not a single issue; it unifies many. This crisis could and should have been addressed by our elected politicians years ago, but corporate lobbyists and shortsighted members of Congress have prevented meaningful work towards comprehensive policy solutions. It is time to bring the climate crisis out of the shadows cast by special interests and make it a centerpiece of the 2020 presidential campaign.

View a vidoe of the meeting here.