Dear Indivisibles,
Joe Biden is the President Elect. It’s time to get to work. 
By a MASSIVE margin of over 5 million votes, the voters have undeniably decided Joe Biden will be our next President.

While the GOP’s political games reek of impropriety, they are a distraction designed to take our eyes off the future.  It’s time to move forward, and to do that, the Trump Administration must begin the transition to the incoming Biden Administration.
The first step is for General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator Emily Murphy to do something called “ascertainment” which will grant the Biden transition team access to federal agencies to prepare for the transition. 
So far, Administrator Murphy has failed to do so, offering no legitimate explanation for why she has stalled (we can all guess, of course). That means crucial information isn’t being shared with the incoming administration, including sensitive security briefings.  The people elected Joe Biden and it is the job of our elected officials to ensure Administrator Murphy does her duty and supports the transition.
Click here to call your Senators and tell them to publicly recognize the results of the election and call on GSA Administrator Murphy to ascertain them.
Then when you’re done, click here to call your Representative to ask the same thing. 
  This isn’t a formality that Trump is blocking for his vanity. Delays in post-election ascertainment carry enormous risk because they delay the incoming administration’s ability to transition effectively and efficiently. One example? The 9/11 Commission Report named the abbreviated 2000 transition (delayed because the Florida Recount delayed ascertainment) as a contributing factor in the nation’s unpreparedness for the crisis.  In the midst of a pandemic, this is the absolute last time we can afford to delay this crucial process.
Murphy is a Trump Administration appointee but that’s no excuse for failing to do her duty.

Please, click here to call your Senators today and insist they hold her to account, then call back and ask your Representative to do the same.

We’ll be back soon with more information on the transition, the congressional session between now and the inauguration, and more.  In solidarity, Indivisible Team Indivisible’s work doesn’t end with the Trump Administration because Trumpism doesn’t end with the Trump Administration.
We’re preparing for all the fights ahead and since we don’t take money from politicians or corporations, we need your support to keep developing tools, producing resources, offering trainings and more.
We’re aiming to raise almost $200,000 for the Indivisible Project in November and December to support that work:
Please chip in to help us get there. (But only AFTER you call your Senator please!)