We need all hands on deck! Outside interests are pushing more ESA voucher bills, and lawmakers need to hear from us. SB1320 removes oversight of the program from the Department of Education (and newly-elected Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, who ran on a platform of improving ESA oversight). SB1395 expands vouchers, mere months after we rejected expansion by a 2:1 margin!

Good and mad yet? Speak up! Your calls, emails, and RTS positions truly make an impact. Show up to the committee hearings listed below to make our opposition impossible to ignore. Good bills need our support NOW and bad bills need to die this week.

Click here for details in the Iyer Report.  Also see Alert #3 on how to use “My Bill Positions” on RTS to give this a thumbs up and encourage lawmakers to hear this bill! There is a 13-second how-to video.