Photo credit:  Stephanie Spence Photography,

On Jan 19, over 1,000 people joined the Yavapai County Women March On for the 3rd annual women’s march to join together in solidarity for a fair, just and inclusive world where all peoples regardless of race, national origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation are treated fairly and equally.

Thanks to Amy Hurst and her leadership team and all the volunteers who worked to make this a welcoming and safe environment; Maria Lynam, welcoming remarks; Whitney Williams, choreographer; Meg Bohrman, music director and Jo Berger, who introduced her original composition (Rise Up Rise Up); Marion Pack and the PI Peacekeepers; Mavis Brauer and Jay Ruby, sound technicians; Bill Court, videographer; Dee Cohen-Bruno, photographer; Carol Russell and her team for organizing the Women’s Wave exhibit and Leslie Butitta, BUtiFULL Gallery for the use of her space.