Saturday the nation watched as Joe Biden became the 46th president-elect and Kamala Harris became the first woman elected vice president.  It has been a long, difficult year, and we all deserve a moment to breathe and relax. We owe thanks to many who sacrificed much to bring about this victory. 

Let’s remember the candidates, volunteers and supporters who in 2018 paved the way and began a grassroots revolution that was the cradle of this victory, many of whom went on to serve as campaign staff and volunteers for the last two years. 
Our thanks to all of you! 

To the poll workers who selflessly stepped up, risking their health to conduct our election process with service and accuracy, and the poll observers who ensured its integrity. 

To Felica French, Coral Evans, Judy Stahl, John Lutes and David Dohm we owe deep and lasting gratitude for their courage and dedication to democracy. You ran with integrity and energy, and your sacrifice helps prepare the path for future candidates.

We offer our immense thanks to Mission for Arizona! To Sam Knapp, Derrick Honeyman, Nicola Phillips, Grayson Wormser and Nick Panlibuton, thank you for your endless hard work! You delivered northern Arizona voters!

Finally to you, the voter: without you none of this would have been possible. Thank you for contributing your time, your money, your patience and your undying faith that truth, dignity, and equality will win out. “Thank you” hardly seems enough! 

Now we all take a long-deserved rest and begin the process all over again in preparation for the coming municipal elections and mid-terms. We can’t let up, we can’t go home. This victory was won at huge cost and we must honor all those who lost their lives, their loved ones, their homes and jobs due to lack of leadership. 
We must ensure this never happens again. 

So enjoy your rest, recharge, and let’s return to the fight with renewed vigor!

In deep gratitude,
The Yavapai County Democratic Party Join Us! YCDP General Virtual Meeting Thursday, November 12 6:30pm Climate Change Policy Possibilities in Arizona – 2021

Guest speakers Charlene Fernandez –  Democratic Leader of the Arizona House of Representatives Bill Mundell – Former AZ House Representatives.  Gary Beverly – Chair of the Yavapai Group of the Sierra Club Join Meeting on Zoom Here! Join meeting on Zoom Link:

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