My dear fellow Democrat,

Our Thursday, May 13th Yavapai Democrat meeting will feature Athena Salmon and Judy Schweibert, AZ Representatives, who will discuss The Assault on Education, Voting Rights and Women’s Rights. (Link here – see more info below). 

We encourage Democrats and their friends to attend our monthly meetings and inform themselves about important issues and candidates so they can help in 2022. Another way to help is to join the Yav Dem Circle of Friends, our newly inaugurated monthly sustaining membership program.

Special thanks to our featured speakers at our April meeting, Adrian Fontes and Sam Almy. Fontes discussed the #Fraudit being perpetuated by the seditionist wing of the GOP. Almy reviewed election data for Yavapai County. If you missed the meeting you can see it on Facebook live. Almy starts the meeting and Fontes comes in at 15:40. Fontes brought us up to date on the ballot recount in Maricopa County and Almy reviewed the election data for Yavapai Co., CD4 and LD 1 and 6. Fontes discussed the #Fraudit being perpetuated by the seditionist wing of the GOP.

Katie Hobbs, AZ Secretary of State also spoke about the #Fraudit at the April 28 meeting of the Democratic Women of the Prescott Area.

“We do elections well here in Arizona,” said Republican Gov. Doug Ducey last November. “The system is strong, and that’s why I bragged on it so much.” (He has been amazingly silent on the process since then.)

Washington Post opined: It’s being driven by state-level Republicans making unsubstantiated claims of fraud, and it’s part of a long progression, a pattern of political parties increasingly being unwilling to accept it when the other side wins — and often alleging bad faith on the part of the other side that is in turn used to justify more erosion of norms.

Hobbs stated that the Republican-majority Arizona Senate hired a private firm called “Cyber Ninjas” to conduct its own audit. This firm has been caught in a number of actions that put the security of ballots at risk, including the use of shining UV lights on ballots, a process that has bewildered experts who say it could damage ballots, but isn’t likely to provide evidence of any kind of fraud.

The Yavapai County Democratic Party joins the Arizona Democratic Party to remind our voters that: Arizona voters turned out in record numbers to elect President Joe Biden.   Trump and the Sedition Wing of the GOP whipped up fake conspiracy theories about election fraud — which directly fueled the Jan 6th insurrection.   Arizona Democrats are suing so the public can know the procedures and measures the Senate Republicans and Cyber Ninjas will follow as they conduct an “audit” of Maricopa County election results. We look forward to your support and action in addressing these matters.
  In solidarity,
John Lutes
YCDP, Chair YCDP General Meeting
Thursday May 13, 6:30pm

Guest Speakers:
State Legislature Representatives Athena Salman and Judy Schwiebert

The Assault on Education, Voting Rights and Women’s Rights
Join us as we host State Representatives Athena Salman and Judy Schwiebert. The Arizona State Legislature has been a battleground this legislative session with the razor-thin Republican-led house and senate passing bills that undermine education, elections, and doctor-patient confidentiality. Come and hear from those on the front lines and learn what we need to do to flip AZ truly blue in 2022.

Special Election:
Chair John Lutes thanks Alexandra Piacenza for her work as Vice Chair of Precinct Leadership. She is stepping down from her position on July 1st to take care of family matters. Alex has been vital on the executive board over the last three years. We thank her for her work in expanding the number of our precinct leaders. Chair Lutes has nominated Kari Hull to be the new Vice Chair of Precinct Leadership. Her election by precinct leaders will take place at the May 13th meeting. Chair Lutes will also appoint Nicky Indicavitch as assistant co-chair. 

Join on Zoom here:
Meeting ID: 979 744 7107
Visit for more information.​

Our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of
Barney Blashill.

  Barney Blashill, 89, a longtime, valued member of the Yavapai County Democratic Party, passed away on Sunday, April 25, after a year of ongoing health challenges. He would have been 90 this month.
Barney and Joy Blashill moved to Prescott in 2007, and Barney became involved with the YCDP, attending meetings and then moving into the position of chair of the annual picnic, where he excelled at organizing the event. Every year, starting two months before the event, Barney reviewed logistics of the picnic and made changes as needed: in its operation, from seating and serving food to improving the flow of people at the Watson Lake ramada, where the picnic is traditionally held. His ability to gauge how much food to prepare based on ticket sales was always spot on. His professional food service skills was to the advantage of the YCDP.
The picnic required a great deal of coordination with dozens of volunteers each year and featured elected officials and candidates as speakers for a Sunday afternoon event in July. Barney was a pleasure to work with, contacting all volunteers before the event and following up with thank yous.
In 2017, Barney was recognized for his service to the YCDP with the Truman-Clinton Award, named after two Democratic presidents who grew up in small towns like Prescott. Barney was proud of the award, according to his stepson John, Joy’s son, who lives in Chino Valley.
Barney had worked in the food service industry over a long career, retiring from his role as a supervisor for Sky Chef, which supplied meals to American Airlines. Prior to working in food service, Barney graduated from Fullerton Unified School District in 1949. He attended Fullerton College in Fullerton, California. He also served in the U.S. Army.

Memorial announcements will be forthcoming.
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Thurs. May 13, 6:30pm
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ADP Resolutions Committee Meeting
Sat. May 22, 10am 
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Verde Valley Yavapai Democrats Meeting
Thurs. May 6 -5pm at 465 S Cowsert Trail, Cottonwood AZ 
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DWPA Monthly Meeting 
Wed. May 26, 1pm
The DWPA Scholarship winners will be presenting their winning essays. 
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Prescott Indivisible General Meeting
Thurs. May 6, 5:30pm Happy 1/2 Hour; 6pm Meeting
The agenda includes a presentation on Outlaw Dark Money by Diane McQueen; and an introduction of Eric Moore, Prescott City Council Candidate; team reports and more. 
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The League of Women Voters of Northern AZ. 
Mon. May 10, 1-2:30pm
Fair Maps for Fair Elections:  Redistricting in Arizona
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Prescott Area Move to Amend 
Thurs. May 20,  5:30pm
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DORR Monthly Meeting
Thurs. May 20, 10am
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GYCC Annual LGBTQ Family & Friendship Picnic
Sat, May 22, 12-5pm
Large Ramada at Watson Lake 
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ADP Redistricting Information Sessions
Join the Arizona Democratic Party for an hour-long informational session on the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission.
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Sunday, July 25 at the large Watson Lake Ramada
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Public comments to the Commissioners are very important and may be submitted via the Contact Us form on the website prior to the meeting or via a link while the meeting is in progress. For weekly talking points and more information contact Maria-Elena Dunn 
Maria Lynam

Redistricting Presentation – Mon. May 10, 1-2pm
Fair Maps for Fair Elections:  Redistricting in Arizona
with Betty Bengtson & Kathy Lalley
League of Women Voters Northern Arizona Education Program

Zoom online meeting.  Attend by registering here.
For information contact: 2022 Official Democratic Campaign Updates
This list does not constitute endorsement by the Yavapai County Democratic Party. For Arizona Governor: Marco Lopez, who is theformer mayor of Nogales, the former Director of the Arizona Department of Commerce and the Chief of Staff at Customs and Border Protection under the Obama administration. Info at MarcoLopez .com.

For AZ Superintendent of Schools: Kathy Hoffman, who is the incumbent Arizona Superintendent of Schools. Info at

For US Congress, CD4: Judy Stahl. Info

For US Congress, CD4: Delina DiSanto
. Info at
  Senator Kelly and President Biden are making great progress for our nation, but we can’t lose sight of local races and the change we want to make at home. Midterm elections are just around the corner in 2022, and organizations like Run for Something, a progressive organization that specifically recruits and supports young candidates running for local and statewide races, are already gearing up to excite voters and spread the word. 
Run for Something is an official partner of the Arizona Democratic Party and National Indivisible.

“By increasing the number of Democrats running, especially in areas that tend to be uncontested, they can excite voters with local issues and drive up Democratic participation,” says Amanda Litman, Founder and Chair of Run for Something.

Know someone who would like to run, or would be a great candidate? Contact John Lutes, Chair of the Yavapai County Democratic Party: