Arizona House Democrats held a listening tour over the past month in which they asked for constituent input and developed these 5 priorities to include in their FY2020 budget.

  1. P-20 (Preschool through College) Public Education Funding
  2. Rural and Urban Infrastructure Investments – Roads & Jobs
  3. Affordable Housing and Homelessness Services
  4. Human Services Funding
  5. Rainy Day Fund Deposit

Have a say in what’s in the budget. Contact your senator, representatives, and governor. Contact them four ways: call, email, resistbot and use social media (most lawmakers have a Twitter presence).

Traditionally budget negotiations happen within a fog of secrecy. Asking for constituent input is a crucial step in making sure the state’s budget represents the values of Arizonans. While you’re calling your elected officials ask them about their plans to hold a budget town hall.

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