Arizona Indivisibles, 

We want to talk to you about our US Senator. No, not THAT Senator… we’re talking about Arizona’s Junior Senator, Mark Kelly.

Senator Kelly was elected last year thanks to a wave of grassroots support, and activists across the state have been able to count on him and his office to be responsive to our top priorities in Congress. He has been vocal on supporting democracy reform and voting rights, and he co-sponsored and voted in support of the For The People Act in the Senate last year. 

That’s why we were frankly confused when we saw this week’s article from Politico:

Mark Kelly is not yet committed to a change in the Senate rules that would allow elections reform legislation to pass by a simple majority. A centrist who is up for reelection in November, Kelly said Monday he is still undecided just days before he may have to vote on proposals to weaken the filibuster…

Kelly is one of a handful of Democrats still weighing what to do about the party’s drive to allow sweeping federal elections legislation to evade the Senate’s 60-vote threshold. And the range of views and Democratic hesitance reflect the gravity of the debate.

We are closer than ever to FINALLY moving voting rights legislation forward in the Senate (you can check out this quick video recap to get caught up). We know that there is no possible path to pass these bills while the Jim Crow filibuster stands in our way. We need every Democratic senator on board to get this done — and we need Senator Kelly to be clear that he is with us.

So we’re asking you right now to please make a call to his office, and ask him to clarify where he stands. Let him know that our state is counting on him to fix the filibuster to pass both the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. You can dial 844-236-2373 to be connected, or click here to fill out your information and we’ll call you directly to be connected.

It’s time for Senator Kelly to show up for the movement of voting rights advocates all across Arizona who are ready to see these bills become law. We can’t risk him holding back — we need to know he’s ready to be bold and do whatever it takes to deliver on voting rights.

Make your call now, and be sure to call again tomorrow (and every day until we get it done!)

Thank you for everything you’re doing to get these bills over the finish line.

In solidarity, 
Indivisible Team

P.S. If you haven’t registered yet, please be sure to join us in Phoenix this Saturday for the Deliver for Voting Rights Rally with the King family, beginning at 9am! Click here to RSVP now.