Stand with Prescott Indivisible

Until Sept. 21st, every dollar made through ActBlue as a General Contribution is matched by national Indivisible, up to $350. 

Take advantage of this doubling of your contribution.


For the last four years, Indivisibles have taken action to defeat the Trump agenda. We marched, we rallied. We held die-ins to beat back Trumpcare, and visited our district office so often that Rep. Gosar decided to run and hide rather than face us!  We rallied across the Greater Prescott area to #DefundHate. Now it is time to beat Trump, flip the Senate, take both houses in Arizona, help make change with our Board of Supervisors and build a truly inclusive democracy.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a challenging, painful year. But this year isn’t over—and we have a responsibility to keep working to dismantle the systems of injustice that have allowed so much of this to happen. From now until November, we must do everything in our power to defeat Trump, flip the Senate, and hold the House.

Prescott Indivisible is completely volunteer run. Your donation will support the direct costs of our activism in Prescott – things like providing for virtual meetings, website creation and maintenance, text and phone banking and more! The pandemic has curtailed our door-to-door campaigning. Mailing, printing, texting, and phone banking using current software is expensive.

Contribute today to Prescott Indivisible – Together, we will win.

Together we are stronger!

If you would like to donate by mail:

Prescott Indivisible

PO Box 12694

Prescott AZ 86304