June Meeting Notes

Update on 6/1 General Meeting:

Steve Farley, Dem. candidate for AZ Governor, talked about his bipartisan efforts in the legislature and his vision of AZ under his leadership. Mark Robert Gordon, Dem. candidate for AZ Secretary of State, discussed how he would reform the error ridden office of the SOS.

All candidates are relying on grassroots support, so check out their websites and donate! We must help all the candidates in their efforts to bring sane legislation and leadership to AZ.

The Endorsement Committee recommended endorsing the following races: Congressional District 4 (CD4) Representative; AZ Governor; Legislative District 1 (LD1) State Senate and LD1 State House.

Ballots were passed out and counted. All of the above races were approved for endorsement. None of the write-in races received 50% of the votes.

If you want to speak at the July 6 General Meeting on behalf of endorsed candidate, please send request to:


All candidates were sent the PI Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire. Answers will be shared in future newsletters and on prescottindivisible.org

David Brill, CD4 House of Representatives candidate, invited everyone to his new office at 240 S. Montezuma St., Prescott, for pizza. The office will be shared with other progressive candidates.

Click here to view the Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire:


Environmental Team: “Cowspiracy: The Sustainabiity Secret”


Deb Cotton, leader of the Environmental Team, announces that the next meeting is on Fri., June 15, 6-8:30p at GPUUC Davis Hall.
“Cowspiracy: The Sustainabiity Secret” will be the featured film, followed by Team Elections.

Deb is seeking someone who will co-chair the team with her, or volunteer to chair or co-chair with another. She is currently the team leader and the secretary and needs assistance.

With the actions taken recently by our current legislators (e.g. Paul Gosar) and White House, your help is sorely needed – WE NEED FEET ON THE STREET!

Anyone interested should please contact: Deb Cotton


INVEST IN EDUCATION INITIATIVE (Abe Kwok – Arizona Republic – May 20, 2018)

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The citizens initiative Invest in Education Act has been described as a soak-the-rich measure that provokes class warfare. It has also been hailed as the solution to sustained education funding.  This much is true: The ballot proposal is the only education-funding idea that’s presently in play for 2018, provided backers gather enough signatures to qualify it for the Nov. 6 election.

Not sure how you’d cast your vote on the proposition? Here are some key factors:

PROS for Invest in Education Initiative
  •      raises income taxes on those who benefited most from Federal tax cut
  •      avoids sales taxes and its effects on lower socioeconomic citizens
  •      only 2018 ballot proposal that guarantees funding that the legislature/governor can’t alter
  •      60% goes to teachers and 40% goes to operations and support staff
CONS Invest in Education Initiative
  •      education funding is every citizen’s responsibility – not just for those who earn $250,000+
  •      Az Chamber of Commerce is opposed to it because of possible effect on business growth

Read More: https://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/abekwok/2018/05/14/invest-education-income-tax-ballot-initiative/592188002/


New building and Water; what’s going on?? Find out!!


The PRESCOTT INDIVISIBLE ENVIRONMENTAL TEAM is bringing a representative, MR. DAVID McKAY, from the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) to tell us what the process is for developers proposing to start new housing projects to prove that there is going to be water available for a long period of time in the area where they are proposing to build.

There will be a question and answer period after the presentation so we can ask our specific questions on the topic that weren’t answered by the presentation.

Please get the word out and mark your calendars for Friday, May 18, 2018 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. LOCATION: Granite Peak UU Davis Hall, 882 Sunset Ave., Prescott, AZ 86305

Summary Agenda:

GUEST SPEAKER INTRODUCTIONS: Mr. David McKay, Representative from the Arizona Department of Water Resources

TOPIC: Mr. McKay will present to the group the process used for developers proposing to start new housing projects to prove that there is going to be water available for a long period of time in the area where they are proposing to build.

6:05 -6:50 PM PRESENTATION:  AZ Department of Water Resources

QUESTION AND ANSWER PERIOD: Index cards have been made available to you to write your question during the presentation. You will be invited to ask your questions after the presentation.

Thank you!

Debbie Cotton

Prescott Indivisible Environmental Team and YCCCC

May meeting around the corner! May 4, 6p – CANDIDATES!

Prescott Indivisible General Meeting

The PI General Meeting will be held this Friday, May 4, from 6 – 7:30 pm at the Granite Creek Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Davis Hall, in Prescott.

Hal Tyler will present the Candidate Endorsement Guidelines developed by the Steering Committee and the ad hoc Voter Registration Team.

We need everyone to attend as per our Guidelines, a two-thirds vote from the members present is needed to pass. An endorsement is not simply a statement of preference; it is a commitment by the members of Prescott Indivisible to actively support and work for a candidate. Individual members of PI remain free to support in any way candidates of their own choice, regardless of whether Prescott Indivisible has made an endorsement. The proposed Guidelines follow:

The following races for PI support will be recommended:

• CD4 House of Representatives to replace Gosar

• AZ Governor

• LD1 AZ Senate

• LD1 AZ House

In addition, four speakers will be at the PI General Meeting:  Dr. David Brill and Delina Disanto, Democratic Candidates for U. S. House of Representatives, District 4, and Dr. Ed Gogek and Jan Manolis, Democratic Candidates for Arizona House, District 1.

Dr. Brill was the Northern Arizona Manager of Primary Care services for the Veterans Administration, and pioneer of its Telehealth program. He is an advocate for good governance and believes we need to use our resources by cutting waste and fraud and effectively invest in education.

Delina Disanto is a registered nurse and has a strong business background. She was a partner in a home development business and was responsible for major contracts. Delina believes in Medicare for all.

Dr. Ed Gogek is a psychiatrist who has worked in jails, prisons, and homeless clinics, and had a private practice in Prescott for 14 years. He’s a life member of the Sierra Club and is interested in conservation issues and public education.

Jan Manolis has had a career working in information technology and has worked in leadership positions in both public and private sectors. Her extensive experience navigating the healthcare system has fueled her passion to promote affordable and accessible health care.

We will vote on the following proposed section on endorsements that is to be added at end of the “Membership, Meeting, and Voting” section on Fri., May 4.

Endorsements: Prescott Indivisible may endorse candidates running for office during the primary or general election. An endorsement is not simply a statement of preference; it is a commitment by the members of Prescott Indivisible to actively support and work for a candidate. Individual members of PI remain free to support in any way candidates of their own choice, regardless of whether Prescott Indivisible has made an endorsement. 

Potential races for endorsement will be proposed to the Steering Committee by an Ad Hoc Working Group on endorsements. Preference will be given to races where candidates have spoken to the General Membership. Races will require 2/3 approval by the Steering Committee, and then will be presented to the General Membership at the subsequent monthly meeting.  

Proposed races will require 2/3 approval of the General Membership at the monthly meeting. Members may also write-in races that were not proposed by the Ad Hoc Working Group or were not approved by the Steering Committee. Any race that receives write-in support of a simple majority (50%+1) of members voting will also be approved.

At the following monthly General Membership meeting endorsements will be voted on. Prior to this meeting, members will be given the opportunity to send an email requesting to make a statement of support for a particular candidate. Statements made by members on behalf of a candidate will take place following any candidate presentation.  At the meeting, a maximum of one statement of support per candidate shall be made. Candidates require a minimum of 2/3 support to be endorsed by Prescott Indivisible.


Click Here:  Contact Your Elected Officials!Republican State Senators want to Disenfranchise you! 

Arizona Senate votes to block you from replacing McCain if vacancy occurs.  Updated 7:51 a.m. MT April 19, 2018

Laurie Roberts: Republican legislators want to block voters from selecting Sen. John McCain’s replacement this year, should he leave office in the next six weeks.

Once again, the Arizona Legislature is proving that it doesn’t trust you.

Earlier this session, our leaders trotted out a doomed proposal that would strip voters of the right to nominate candidates for the U.S. Senate in the primary election. This time, our leaders don’t trust you to decide who should represent you in the Senate, should Sen. John McCain leave office in the next six weeks.

McCain is suffering from a brutal brain cancer and his failing health apparently constitutes an emergency at the state Capitol, where politics trump common decency or class.

Brazen political move

On Tuesday, the Republican-led Senate gave preliminary approval to an immediate change in state law for how to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy. This, so that should McCain leave office in coming weeks, Gov. Doug Ducey would select who would represent us for the next two and one-half years.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office’s, if McCain left office by May 31, Ducey would appoint a temporary replacement and Arizona voters would choose their next senator in November. If the office became vacant on June 1 or thereafter, Ducey’s appointee would serve until the seat went onto the ballot in 2020. (Note: there is some dispute about the date. While the Secretary of State’s Office puts the deadline at May 31, elections lawyer Joe Kanefield notes that ARS16-202 requires the ballot to be finalized 120 days before the primary election, which would put the date by which a vacancy must occur at April 30.)

The proposed change in law would require the seat to become vacant 150 days before the primary in order to hold an election. This year, that deadline would have been March 31.

The proposal to already was a part of House Bill 2538, a bill originally intended to lengthen future special congressional campaigns after Trent Franks’ free fall and the scramble to replace him. The Associated Press’ Bob Christie reports that Democrats amended the bill in the House to similarly lengthen future Senate campaigns.

But on Tuesday, state Sen. Sonny Borrelli, R-Kingman, proposed adding an emergency clause to the bill, meaning it would take effect immediately rather than later this summer.

Democrats will block the move

Borrelli told his colleagues it’s important to “be prepared” and apparently Republicans agreed because they gave it a preliminary thumbs up on a voice vote. The bill still requires a formal Senate vote before returning to the House but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this particular end run on voters to occur.

An emergency clause requires a two-thirds vote of each chamber. Democrats, already seeing the distinct possibility of Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema snagging the open seat left by Sen. Jeff Flake’s decision not to seek re-election, want a shot at McCain’s seat as well, should it become vacant.

Meanwhile, Republicans want to make sure it remains in their hands. Which means they want the choice of who will represent Arizona for the next two and one-half years in Ducey’s hands.

Read: not yours.

Reach Roberts at laurie.roberts@arizonarepublic.com.

Petition Signatures for Outlaw Dirty Money are Needed!!!!

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“HUGE NEWS! The AZ Republic strongly endorsed the Outlaw Dirty Money Amendment!  https://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/editorial/2018/04/15/dark-money-why-we-support-arizona-outlaw-dark-money-intiaitive/508859002/

Outlaw Dirty Money is a volunteer, nonpartisan initiative to get an AZ Constitutional Amendment on the November ballot that would require full disclosure of all major contributions right down to the original source. But it won’t get on the November ballot unless good people stand up and do their part and that is where YOU come in!  We can do this and there is still time to join us and circulate your own petition!  We have until June 5th to get the signatures.

If you know anyone who wants to gather petition signatures please contact me! We will train and provide the resources they need…  It’s easy, It’s fun and It’s the only way we get on the ballot!

We will be at the Earth Day festivities on Saturday including the March for Science afterwards.   We also need volunteers to gather signatures at the Verde Valley Fair.  Please contact me regarding helping out at these.
Go to https://outlawdirtymoney.com/volunteer/ and sign up today or contact Diane McQueen at mcq4356@gmail.com or Art Atonna at yavapaioutlawdirtymoney.com to sign up to gather signatures.
Thank you all for the hard work you have been doing to get this amendment on the ballot!