Support Prescott Indivisible As We Educate, Share & Uphold Liberty In Northern Arizona 

Support Prescott Indivisible As We Educate, Share & Uphold Liberty In Northern Arizona!

Our Mission

Prescott indivisible’s mission is to educate, share and uphold liberty with justice for all with compassion and a dedication to truth. 

Anti-Blake Masters Postcard Effort 

We’re on the last push ahead of the mid-terms and there is still lots to do before the ballots drop. AZ Indivisible has provided stamps, cards and a script so postcards can be sent to registered Independent women with an inclination to vote Dem and who voted in 2018 and 2019.

Postcard writing gatherings will be held at the Prescott and Prescott Valley Library.
Prescott – 
Mon 9/26 1-4pm (Founders Suite B)
Sat 10/1 1-4pm (Founders Suite A)
Tues 10/4 12-4pm (Founders Suite B) – 2 shifts 12-2 and 2-4
Sat 10/8 12-4pm (Founders Suite B) – 2 shifts 12-2 and 2-4
Prescott Valley Library, Glassford Hill Room 
Each session will have two shifts: (2 shifts 12-2 and 2-4)
Tues 9/27 from 12-4
Mon 10/3 from 12-4
Wed 10/5 from 12-4

 TONIGHT! Sept 28, 2022!

We are excited to have Indivisible Co-Founder Leah Greenberg joining us to discuss fighting misinformation with Truth Brigade, new tools for creating content, election strategies and other Twitter insights.

To Register, CLICK HERE.

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Prescott Indivisible is delighted to announce the debut of The Youth Perspective, a monthly column written by our intern Toby Chang. The Youth Perspective aims to share a uniquely Gen Z viewpoint on the topics, issues, and challenges of the day that younger folks find important. Check out The Youth Perspective!



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Learn more about #CallYourDentist Campaign to #RemovePaulGosar

Long Live a Free Ukraine!
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Protest on June 24, 2022 at Prescott Courthouse


Prescott Indivisible, the Democratic Women of the Prescott Area, the Yavapai Democratic Party and other social justice organizations joined with thousands of organizations across the country to protest the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

We stand together in support of the right of women to make their own reproductive choices.



Prescott Indivisible is a non-partisan community which seeks to promote a progressive and inclusive agenda in support of human rights and the environment.  

  • We are one of over 6,000 local chapters of the national Indivisible grassroots movement.
  • We organize and advocate for peaceful, effective resistance at a local level following the strategy set forth in the Indivisible Guide.
  • We welcome people of any political persuasion who are ready to resist.
  • We focus on local actions in defense of the rule of law, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution and stand united in opposition of any individual or group that seeks to erode or violate our democracy.

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