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Arizona Senate votes to block you from replacing McCain if vacancy occurs.  Updated 7:51 a.m. MT April 19, 2018

Laurie Roberts: Republican legislators want to block voters from selecting Sen. John McCain’s replacement this year, should he leave office in the next six weeks.

Once again, the Arizona Legislature is proving that it doesn’t trust you.

Earlier this session, our leaders trotted out a doomed proposal that would strip voters of the right to nominate candidates for the U.S. Senate in the primary election. This time, our leaders don’t trust you to decide who should represent you in the Senate, should Sen. John McCain leave office in the next six weeks.

McCain is suffering from a brutal brain cancer and his failing health apparently constitutes an emergency at the state Capitol, where politics trump common decency or class.

Brazen political move

On Tuesday, the Republican-led Senate gave preliminary approval to an immediate change in state law for how to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy. This, so that should McCain leave office in coming weeks, Gov. Doug Ducey would select who would represent us for the next two and one-half years.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office’s, if McCain left office by May 31, Ducey would appoint a temporary replacement and Arizona voters would choose their next senator in November. If the office became vacant on June 1 or thereafter, Ducey’s appointee would serve until the seat went onto the ballot in 2020. (Note: there is some dispute about the date. While the Secretary of State’s Office puts the deadline at May 31, elections lawyer Joe Kanefield notes that ARS16-202 requires the ballot to be finalized 120 days before the primary election, which would put the date by which a vacancy must occur at April 30.)

The proposed change in law would require the seat to become vacant 150 days before the primary in order to hold an election. This year, that deadline would have been March 31.

The proposal to already was a part of House Bill 2538, a bill originally intended to lengthen future special congressional campaigns after Trent Franks’ free fall and the scramble to replace him. The Associated Press’ Bob Christie reports that Democrats amended the bill in the House to similarly lengthen future Senate campaigns.

But on Tuesday, state Sen. Sonny Borrelli, R-Kingman, proposed adding an emergency clause to the bill, meaning it would take effect immediately rather than later this summer.

Democrats will block the move

Borrelli told his colleagues it’s important to “be prepared” and apparently Republicans agreed because they gave it a preliminary thumbs up on a voice vote. The bill still requires a formal Senate vote before returning to the House but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this particular end run on voters to occur.

An emergency clause requires a two-thirds vote of each chamber. Democrats, already seeing the distinct possibility of Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema snagging the open seat left by Sen. Jeff Flake’s decision not to seek re-election, want a shot at McCain’s seat as well, should it become vacant.

Meanwhile, Republicans want to make sure it remains in their hands. Which means they want the choice of who will represent Arizona for the next two and one-half years in Ducey’s hands.

Read: not yours.

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Petition Signatures for Outlaw Dirty Money are Needed!!!!

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“HUGE NEWS! The AZ Republic strongly endorsed the Outlaw Dirty Money Amendment!

Outlaw Dirty Money is a volunteer, nonpartisan initiative to get an AZ Constitutional Amendment on the November ballot that would require full disclosure of all major contributions right down to the original source. But it won’t get on the November ballot unless good people stand up and do their part and that is where YOU come in!  We can do this and there is still time to join us and circulate your own petition!  We have until June 5th to get the signatures.

If you know anyone who wants to gather petition signatures please contact me! We will train and provide the resources they need…  It’s easy, It’s fun and It’s the only way we get on the ballot!

We will be at the Earth Day festivities on Saturday including the March for Science afterwards.   We also need volunteers to gather signatures at the Verde Valley Fair.  Please contact me regarding helping out at these.
Go to and sign up today or contact Diane McQueen at or Art Atonna at to sign up to gather signatures.
Thank you all for the hard work you have been doing to get this amendment on the ballot!

What is the March for Science on Earth Day all about? “The relevant question is: whose interests does science serve?”


Put the March for Science on your Calendar for April 22, 2018!  

CORRECTION: PRESCOTT WILL CELEBRATE EARTH DAY ON APRIL 21 (SATURDAY) AT THE Fire Wise Expo, 9am-3pm, Downtown Prescott on Cortez to be followed by Prescott’s March for Science and People’s Climate March from 3-5pm THAT AFTERNOON!
This is a very interesting and informative event. Put this on your Calendar!


Why? This piece in the Atlantic magazine gave a great overview of why we need to be LOUD about the direction of too many decision makers in both defunding, and denigrating, the importance of our national contributions to the scientific advancements in medicine, the environment, and our communities here and around the globe! The article is interesting in that it gives some context, from multiple points of view…

  • Celebrate “passion for science.”
  • Celebrate what science does for people and “the many ways that science serves our communities and our world.”
  • Encourage the public “to value and invest in science” and “appreciate and engage with science.”
  • Encourage scientists to “reach out to their communities” and share their research and its impact.
  • Encourage scientists to “listen to communities” and consider their research from the perspective of the people they serve.
  • Affirm science as a “vital feature of a working democracy.”
  • Show science to be “first and foremost a human process” that is “conducted, applied, and supported by a diverse body of people.”
  • Support research “that gives us insight into the world” and “upholds the common good.”
  • Encourage people to “support and safeguard the scientific community.”
  • Call for robust federal funding “in support of research, scientific hiring, and agency application of science to management.”
  • Advocate for “open, inclusive, and accessible science” that is “freely available.”
  • Support science education that teaches people “to think critically, ask questions, and evaluate truth based on the weight of evidence.”
  • Encourage political leaders and policy-makers to enact evidence-based policies, and “make use of peer-reviewed evidence and scientific consensus, not personal whims and decrees.”
  • Oppose “policies that ignore scientific evidence” or “seek to eliminate it entirely.”
  • Oppose policies that “threaten to further restrict scientists’ ability to research and communicate their findings.”
  • Oppose an “alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus.”
  • Oppose the “mischaracterization of science as a partisan issue.”
  • Protect science from “manipulation by special interests.”
  • Hold leaders in science and in politics “accountable to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity.”
  • Stand up for scientists: “Speak up for them when they are silenced” and “protect them when they are threatened”.
  • Encourage and support a new generation of scientists “that increasingly includes historically underrepresented groups.”


Learn to use Social Media Resistance Tools Thur. Mar 29, 10 to 11:30a

 Resist and Persist in the Age of Trump Thur. Mar 29, 10 to 11:30am – Learn to use Social Media Resistance Tools effectively—Twitter, Facebook Resistbot, etc.      Become a guerrilla fighter during this critical time; learn how to stay “Undercover” if you don’t want to be distracted by mean and useless comments by those who do not agree with you.  Bring your smart phones, laptops, tablets; whatever you use every day to communicate.  Handouts with instructions, tips, and important internet links will be given out.  Rebecca Phillips, the instructor, is an inaugural member of Prescott Indivisible, has taught computer science at Phoenix College and spends many hours every week lobbying congress in the never ending fight to bring sanity and courage to our elected officials. Contact Rebecca Phillips to sign up, include your name, phone no. and email address and type Social Media Class in the subject line. You can also call 928-772-2165 – please leave a message if no answer.


Arpaio meeting… UPDATE

UPDATE! Prescott Courier – Arpaio’s Prescott visit draws protesters and support

“Joe Arpaio… trie(d) to engage student protesters in conversation as they conduct(ed) a “die-in” outside the Rowle Simmons Adult Center on Friday, March 30, in Prescott. The students were calling attention to inmates who died while in custody in the Maricopa County jail system under former Sheriff Arpaio’s leadership. (Sue Tone/Courier)”

Representatives Noel Campbell and David Stringer are sponsoring a series of Town Hall meetings.

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be the featured guest at a Town Hall sponsored by Arizona Legislative District 1 Representatives Noel Campbell and David Stringer.

Arpaio, who is also a candidate for United States Senator, will be sharing his vision for America. Afterwards, he will answer questions relative to his candidacy for Senate.

The Town Hall will take place on Friday, March 30 at the Rowle Simmons Adult Center. The Meet & Greet starts at 6 PM, and Arpaio will speak from 6:30-7:30 PM. The event is free AND Open to THE Public.


Education Committee Events: 3/20; 3/22

Private school tuition organization (STO) tax credits: TELL THEM VOTE on SB1467.” Private school tuition organization (STO) tax credits operate on auto pilot without accountability or budget controls. They reduce state revenues while subsidizing private schools with no evidence of benefits to Arizona’s educational success and no movement toward closing our achievement gap for students growing up in low income families. Senator Yarbrough’s bill will expand this program and drain even more funds from public schools.

Tues. March 20 noon-1:30pm Prescott Community Outreach Program on Funding preK-12 Education at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Jack R. Hunt Student Union Hangar, 3700 Willow Creek Rd., PrescottThis is a presentation and action-focused discussion on the recommendations from the 110th Town Hall of Funding preK-12 Education. Host, Dr. Frank Ayers, Chancellor, ERAU.  Presenters: Rosemary Agneessens, Community Organizer, Rural AZ Schools Coalition; Marty Grossman, Council member, Town of Prescott Valley; Joe Howard, Superintendent, Prescott Unified School Dist.; Tara Jackson, President, AZ Town Hall; Billie Orr, Council member, City of Prescott.  Lunch will be served, $15 per person.  Students free.  If you choose not to have lunch, program is free.  RSVP to AZ Town Hall at 602-252-9600 AND email to Prescott Indivisible Education Team

Another important event, March 22, Las Fuentes starting at 6 p.m. Prescott Education Advocacy Council (PEAC) is sponsoring an event so that Jim Hall of the Arizona Charter School Acountability group can give us definitive information about the underfunding of public schools. This is an important information gathering meeting for those who are as concerned about School Accountability as  WE are!

Announcing: Voter Education and Elections Team!

Announcing: Voter Education and Elections Team!

We are an Active group for Non-partisan Voter outreach: Education and Registration, Training for registration and Answering voting FAQs. We work cooperatively with other local organizations in the community. Our mission: to expand knowledge of the importance of participation in Democratic processes.

DRAFT Responsibilities (Subject to Approval):

* Coordinate the Voter Registration effort on an on-going basis; seeks a coalition with other organizations if feasible.

* Coordinate Voter Outreach: As we get closer to election days, we will encourage and remind people to vote.

* Voter Education: Create events designed to educate the community regarding the importance of voting, defining gerrymandering and disenfranchisement and discuss approaches for ACTION, providing sources of information that overcomes voter resistance and other actions and discussions related to democratic participation, ON A NON-PARTISAN BASIS.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING: Please contact Joyce van Walsum at, and I’ll add you to the list!

Voter Education Ramp Up!

Elections Team
At the March 2 General Meeting of Prescott Indivisible, the Elections Team was unanimously voted as a permanent team.
Responsible for voter outreach, including voter registration, they are planning training sessions on how to register voters, including questions most frequently asked.  They plan on working with other organizations to register voters.   If you want to join this new, dynamic team, contact Joyce van Walsum ( or Suellen Lemay (
Peacekeepers Team
The Peacekeepers have a new leader, Gail Cook. If you wish to assist in the peacekeeping arena, please email Gail at

RED ALERT! AZ Lawmakers Want to Cut Teacher Pay by $14 Million

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The Arizona Legislature is trying to fast track a permanent tax cut that will cost the state budget $120 million and another $14 million from Prop 301 revenues, a direct cut to teacher pay. The Senate is planning a vote on Monday for Senate Bill (SB) 1392, a permanent tax cut for digital goods and services. The House version of this bill (HB 2479) has already passed.

CALL NOW: Senator Karen Fann: (602) 926-5874; Find your Senator:; At a time when we are facing a severe teacher shortage crisis, we should be investing in public education, not cutting their salaries. Contact your senator today to stop SB1392!  If the Senate version passes, then it goes immediately to Governor Doug Ducey’s desk.  Be ready to write and call the governor. / 602.542.4331


Red Alert Issues!