Prescott Indivisible is delighted to announce the debut of The Youth Perspective, a monthly column written by our intern Toby Chang. The Youth Perspective aims to share a uniquely Gen Z viewpoint on the topics, issues, and challenges of the day that younger folks find important.

We value the opinions and insights of the generations who will inherit the decades to come. This project is an effort intended to promote understanding through listening and engagement with a perspective many of us don’t get enough of… the Youth Perspective!


Toby Chang is a student at BASIS Prescott with a passion for civic government and politics. Early on in his life, he was exposed to the partisanship and division that has overrun our media, shaping his values on unity and civil discourse.

As a teenager, Chang knows how easy it is for young people to feel voiceless and powerless to take action against the issues that impact them. He believes that equipping them with the opportunities and skills to be civically engaged is the key to securing the future of our democracy.