From the Prescott Indivisible’s Immigration Team Leader, Maria-Elena Dunn: 

Sadly, our Nation’s path of destruction has gone on virtually unabated since Jan. 2017.  Through the courts, and sometimes our actions, we have been able to put temporary brakes, yet the assaults are non-stop. We have to carry on, we must Persist and Resist.  PI’s Immigration Team provides many opportunities for you to make a difference. Here are some:

(1) contribute to our DACA Fund which, after helping 20 local Dreamers, is now in the red.
(2) join the Yavapai Community Action Network which aims to involve our Latino community in activism and translating it into votes for 2020
(3) donate to GPUUC’s Dreamer scholarship
(4) continue to write, call, use social media to denounce the Administration’s actions at the border and in carrying out capricious deportations
(5) volunteer to work with organizations providing assistance on both sides of the AZ border.
(6) help fund the Wall that we will be building in Colorado!

For details please contact or attend our next meeting, Wed. Nov. 6, 3pm, GPUUC Faith Dev Bldg.