Carbon dioxide has grown to the highest level since humans appeared on earth, millions of years ago. Extreme weather is driving desperate subsistence farmers from Guatemala to the US border. The United Nations released a report projecting that one million species are now threatened by extinction, a rate hundreds of times greater than average.

The main cause is climate change and environmental pollution, which disproportionally affects the lower 99% of humanity. Climate change is an environmental, economic, social, and moral issue. 

An earlier UN report states that we have a decade to change our ways. A majority of Americans agree that we must transition quickly to a carbon-free economy. However, our political leaders are not getting the message. Many Democratic presidential candidates support the Green New Deal or similar policies. Joe Biden does not.

What can you do?
1. Contact your senators and representatives and the Presidential candidates. Ask them to take a stand on climate change.
2. Disinvest in fossil fuel companies that are destroying the planet. Check your investment portfolio.
PI Environment Team: