Every Friday at Cortez and Gurley

Every Friday at 4:00pm-5:00pm a peace vigil occurs at the corner of Cortez and Gurley.  Grandmothers for Peace, Veterans for Peace and others attend. The insanity of war and the needless loss of life motivate them. Some of the reasons they vigil for peace can be found in the FY2019 U.S. MILITARY SPENDING DWARFS ALL OTHERS. This is distributed at their weekly peace vigils.

Grandmothers for Peace (GFP)  is an international organization which began in 1982.  Women in Black  preceded GFP in Prescott. Veterans for Peace has always been part of the vigils.

After Trump stole the election, some of his supporters began showing up across the street from them; they assumed the group was protesting his election. Peace vigils have continued through all presidencies and have been held at Cortez and Gurley for over 15 years. Please join them! All are welcome.