Fundraiser for Voter Values Project: Selling Masks
Two of our VVP Volunteer Coordinators, Louise Clara and Candy Atkinson, have volunteered to make masks and sell them for a suggested donation of $10 each to help pay for the VVP mailing costs. Each time the VVP mails out another 1,000 postcards to encourage people to enroll in PEVL (Permanent Early Voting List) , which is going to happen within the next couple of weeks. It costs $350. Louise and Candy have sold enough masks to almost pay for the second mailing. Isn’t that amazing! 
If you would like to order masks, go to, hit the Donate button and under Notes, state that this payment is for masks for the VVP stamps. Louise or Candy will then contact you and arrange delivery. This is a great program to raise funds for the VVP and to help keep people safe! 
If not contacted by Louise within 24 hours, email her at