Know Your Rights | Dreamers (DACA)

From Prescott Indivisible Immigration Team Chair Maria-Elena Dunn:

Today is a day to be cautiously optimistic.  Let’s rejoice but not let up the fight.

The Day that our Dreamers were dreading has arrived with Good News.  Chief Justice Roberts sided with the wiser members of the Court and rejected the administration’s legal case to put an end to the DACA program. 

However, the decision was on a technicality and the written opinion provides Trump with a roadmap to presenting a better legal case, if he so chooses.  It would not make sense for him to do so at this juncture ….  but,  when has he demonstrated any sense?  For now, he seems happy to be the victim: “Do  you get the impression the Supreme Court doesn’t like me?”  

So, let’s be glad, for now, that our hard working and innocently undocumented young people, our Dreamers, have been given a breather.   We will continue to help them stay protected and will do everything we can to insure, when we get a new administration in November (and we MUST), that regularizing their status, through bi-partisan legislative action, is a priority.  Biden has made his intentions clear. 

For now, THANK YOU to everyone for supporting PI’s Immigration Team’s efforts to provide our local Dreamers with the assistance they have required and, in doing so, demonstrating to our neighbors that we are a caring community.    
PERSIST we will.  María-Elena