From Tricia and the Indivisible AZ Messaging Team

As you know, Blake Masters is running against Senator Mark Kelly. He’s a MAGA Republican, bought through and through by Peter Theil – the Paypal billionaire. We’d like to increase anti-Blake Masters messaging and have come up with an easy way for you and all your members, to do so. 

Visit this page every few days and reshare either on facebook or twitter. Its updated often:

You can share directly from the page – toggle on the upper left corner between facebook and twitter. You can edit as you like. 

Just be sure to share and ask your members to share. We need to set the messaging narrative of who he is. People claim Dems have bad messaging but I believe we have a lack of amplification. You can help change that! 

Need more Blake Masters resources? Here’s his videos: Blake Masters quotes etc.

Thanks, Tricia and the Indivisible AZ Messaging Team