If this impeachment process and the stonewalling by Senate members has you steaming, take action! Using Indivisible’s hubdialer gives you the opportunity to put pressure on Senator Martha McSally, who as we know is an appointed Republican senator who regularly votes with Trump and refuses to hold him accountable.

You also have the opportunity to put pressure on other Senators such as Susan Collins and Joni Ernst. You will need a computer or tablet to log into Indivisible’s remote phone-banking system as well as a phone to actually make the calls. The number of calls made from Indivisible members in AZ is astounding. In the past two weeks other Indivisible groups have made 153,828 calls, engaged 348 volunteers, targeting McSally and other key senators. Let’s help get the AZ Indivisible numbers up there!

Click HERE and sign up to take a shift–don’t forget EST is still 3 hours ahead of us!