We’ve talked to local groups, we’ve vetted candidates, and we’ve counted the votes. And now, we’re excited to announce Indivisible’s fifth round of national endorsements for the 2020 election cycle! These national endorsements elevate the candidates preferred by the grassroots, showcasing a new class of leaders who reflect the values of the Indivisible movement.  We’re so grateful to the local groups who nominated these candidates — this process wouldn’t have been possible without their help every step of the way. So without further ado, our third slate of nationally endorsed candidates


We’re proud to announce our endorsement of Jillian Freeland (CO-05), Ray Lenzi (IL-12), E. Dani Brzozowski (IL-12), Robbie Goldstein (MA-08), Sen. Ed Markey (SEN-MA), Deb Haaland (NM-01), Adem Bunkeddeko (NY-09), and Cathy Kunkel (WV-02):

As a public defender, Keeda Haynes advocated passionately on behalf of her clients. She stood up for them in the face of a racist system that sought to dehumanize and strip them of their dignity and basic rights. Now, she plans to take her passion and determination for the people of Tennessee’s 5th district to Washington. Keeda is committed to standing up against racist and unjust systems and won’t settle for anything less than a just outcome for the people. Tennessee’s fifth district needs a champion like Keeda and we’re thrilled to back her in her primary challenge. 

Dani Brzozowski understands that, for many people, it is getting harder just to get by. Dani wants to represent Illinois’ 16th district to give people in the district the fighting chance they deserve. As the chairwoman of La Salle County Democrats, she has seen the issues that matter to people and also the grassroots enthusiasm that exists to usher in that change. We are excited to join her in her fight to flip the 16th district.

Robbie Goldstein became a physician because he believes everyone deserves to be cared for with dignity and compassion. But as a doctor, he has seen first-hand the tough choices people have to make to maintain their health in a broken healthcare system. He created the Transgender Health Program to serve the most vulnerable in his community. Now, Robbie wants to represent Massachusetts’ eighth district to continue to care for his community and to fight for the issues that most impact people’s lives. We are committed to putting in the work to get him to Washington.

Cathy Kunkel’s work as an energy policy expert has been cited by various publications and members of Congress — and even Saturday Night Live. After a chemical spill in West Virginia, Cathy took charge by co-founding Advocates for a Safe Water System, which won concrete changes to improve the water system. Cathy sees the extreme level of inequality that families face as the biggest issue for West Virginia’s second district. She knows Americans are struggling to meet even basic needs like healthcare and childcare. In Congress, she will stand up to the powerful special interests and fight for an economy that works for everyone. 

Adem Bunkeddeko was born in New York City to Ugandan parents who came to America to escape a violent civil war. A product of the New York public school system, Adem earned scholarships to attend prep school and college. He has spent his life working to pay forward the sacrifices his family made and the opportunity he was given by organizing for his community. Adem understands that Brooklyn deserves more and he will fight for more. We look forward to working to get him to Congress and fighting alongside him. Having worked as a women’s healthcare provider,

Jillian Freeland knows what works in our healthcare system and what doesn’t. She is in this race to represent Colorado’s 5th district because she wants to build a truly representative government that puts people first. She is fighting for universal access to healthcare, better education, and a comprehensive answer to the climate crisis. The fifth district needs a representative that will address the urgent issues of our time. Colorado’s 5th district needs Jillian.

Ray Lenzi has spent much of his life working on community and economic development throughout the Midwest. When he went back to Southern Illinois, that did not stop. He has helped develop the community to attract job opportunities, provide community services, and even build the first two licensed preschool and daycare centers in Union County. Now, he is in this race to represent Illinois’ 12th district to bring progressive change that will ensure healthcare for all and a future that is no longer reliant on fossil fuels. He will fight against systemic racism and for workers to be paid a living wage. We’re proud to endorse Ray and look forward to seeing him continue his fight in Congress.

Sen. Ed Markey is in this fight because he believes that a progressive future where the wellbeing of people is prioritized is possible. In the Senate, he has begun building towards this future by co-authoring the Green New Deal and fighting for universal healthcare. Massachusetts needs to send Sen. Markey back to the Senate if they want a Senator who understands the urgency of the times and who isn’t afraid to champion a progressive agenda. Indivisible is proud to endorse Sen. Markey and we look forward to fighting alongside him. Indivisible endorsed

Rep. Deb Haaland in 2018 and we were proud to be part of the coalition that put in the work to get her elected. She made history by becoming one of the two first indigenous women to serve in the House of Representatives where she has been a strong advocate for progressive causes. We are proud to once again endorse her as she seeks re-election. Rep. Haaland has spent the last two years fighting for the issues that matter to New Mexico’s first district and we know that she will continue to be a representative New Mexicans can rely on. We’ll see this work through — by registering voters, door-knocking, text-banking, and much, much more.

Indivisibles can help change the power landscape and endorsing progressive candidates is just the first step.  These eight candidates are great, but we know that there are many more races out there where your groups’ endorsements, and a subsequent national endorsement, can make all the difference. Much like with previous rounds, your initiative could catapult a local race into the national spotlight!

If your group has endorsed a candidate locally and would like to nominate that candidate for a national endorsement, we’ll have two more waves of endorsements announced in September and October. We’ll accept nominations on a rolling basis throughout the election cycle. If you’d like to submit for the next round, groups have until 11:59pm PT on Thursday, August 13, to submit candidates for the sixth round of voting.

We’re thrilled to be receiving so many amazing candidates from so many groups around the country. As you can imagine, this has been a lot of work for both groups and our staff over the past 7 months of endorsements, and there are still 4 more months of investing in these critical races. To keep up with such a huge and necessary program, we’ve budgeted nearly a million dollars to support it.

If you can, please consider donating to support our Endorsements program and all of Indivisible Action’s work!  Can you tell just how excited we are about this? We’re ready to watch your groups throw all your political power behind these endorsed candidates, and bring real progressive change to your neighborhoods, districts, and states! In solidarity,
Indivisible Team 
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