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The Stakes: We face the dual threat of a MAGA landslide in 2024, and a Trumpist coup if the election would lead to Democratic victories. MAGA Republicans will attempt to achieve this by controlling the narrative and sabotaging the Biden administration and the economy, while using racism and tribalism to attempt to harden their political coalition. Indivisible’s top priorities are winning electorally in 2024, so we can get back to delivering on our agenda. 
The Game Plan: We don’t back down from a fight, and we know the formula to win. Fundamentally we need two things: 
To continue to make Republican politicians pay an electoral price for their unpopular extremism locally. That means getting them on-record about their most unpopular positions, making sure everyone knows how out-of-touch they are, and ensuring the entire MAGA brand is toxic. 
An even stronger, more broadly appealing Democratic party that can win and maintain majorities. That means setting our expectations for Democrats right away, and consistently pushing them to fight against the MAGA agenda and for a popular Democratic agenda. 
We have critical actions that every Indivisible group and member can take, whether they have a Democratic member of Congress (MoC), a Republican MoC, or if their state is a 2024 battleground. It’s going to take all of us working together to beat back the MAGA movement and save our democracy.