Welcome to Save Our Schools Arizona – a statewide, grassroots movement of parents, teachers, retirees, business leaders and neighbors fighting for strong public schools for every child in Arizona. 

A quality system of schools for every child, in every neighborhood, was so important to the founders of our state that they embedded this requirement in the state constitution. Yet many years of under-funding and increased privatization have put that system at risk.

Let us introduce ourselves: Save Our Schools Arizona was founded in 2017 to challenge a universal voucher law (pushed through by out of state special interests and billionaires) that would have diverted hundreds of millions of dollars from public schools to private schools. After collecting 111,540 signatures and prevailing against legal challenges from deep-pocketed special interests, we put Proposition 305 on the ballot in Nov 2018 and made sure it was solidly defeated by a 2:1 margin.  And we’re not going away. Consider this: 95% of AZ families choose public schools  AZ education funding has been cut more than any other state AZ still ranks 46th in the nation in education funding

Please take 3 minutes to watch THIS VIDEO about Arizona’s Classroom Crisis. Then be sure to watch for our alerts and emails to learn about critical legislative actions, informative Townhalls and presentations, and ways to connect and volunteer to support public education. Drag this email to your primary inbox to stay up to date! Here are some things you can do right away:

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  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Beth Lewis Executive Director and Co-Founder, Save Our Schools Arizona
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