The Neighborhood Summit for Equity was a tremendous success!  It culminated months of planning on the part of two committees comprised of members from Prescott Indivisible and other community organizations.

Last January, PI Steering Committee members attended a statewide convening in Phoenix.  One of the presenters was Lexi Coburn, Equity Trainer for National Indivisible.  Rosemary Dixon, Chair, and Jeff Daverman, Social Media/Communication Team, attended her presentation and began to envision bringing a real conversation about a difficult subject critical to the well being of ourselves and our neighbors near and far.  Support from Tricia Sauer, AZ Indivisible Organizer was invaluable.

Ezra Levin, co-founder of Indivisible was the keynote speaker. He spoke regarding the path of Indivisible to include racial equity in their mission and why understanding structural racism and understanding the part we play in it is so important.

After the event, Levin stated that he was “blown away” by the presentation, and was overwhelmed by its inclusivity and artistic content that embraced the issues of religious, racial and cultural equity.  He continued that our production was unique and showed great insight and sensitivity.

Thanks again to everyone who stayed curious and leaned into the desire for deeper understanding.  The Neighborhood Summit for Equity may be over but we are just getting started, let’s keep the conversation alive!

May we continue to pledge allegiance to each other. . .
One conscience, Indivisible (J. Daverman)