Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Fixing Our Democracy.


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We won’t sugarcoat it — this guide comes during a painful moment in our history. Many of us knew that Trump was always capable of inciting his base to violence — but seeing our Capitol stormed and vandalized at the behest of the president is not something any guide could have predicted. We’re scared and overwhelmed by what we’ve seen, but we’re also grateful for the last four years of this movement achieving the wins that will bring saving democracy back within reach. 

More than ever, we need a guide for what’s ahead. In 2016, Indivisibles came together during a frightening time where people felt alone and didn’t know what the upcoming four years could bring. Since then, we’ve rolled out a new guide after every pivotal election point to understand the latest tactics we acquired to influence our members of Congress. And now, you can bet that we’re not going anywhere because — we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — Trumpism isn’t going away anytime soon. The forces that allowed Trump and his cronies to rise to this level in our government are more empowered than ever. Still, we have our own unique power: the grassroots power to drive our legislators (the ones that we elected) to fix our democracy.

A Practical Guide to Fixing Our Democracy

Now that we have the power to enact bold, lasting change, our primary goal is to use structural democracy reform to unrig the system that Trump spent the last four years exploiting.

We highly recommend reading the full guide, but here are the big ideas that we want to highlight:

📝 Making the most of a Democratic trifecta: four lessons from 2009.
History tells us that having control in the White House and both Houses of Congress is rare, generally very brief, and requires us to move strategically. Republicans are masters of obstruction, and we can expect an organized grassroots offensive from conservatives. And by being less ambitious, Democrats can’t guarantee they’ll keep their majority, but they will ensure that we fail to adequately address the crises our country faces. 

📝 First, fix our democracy. 
If we’re honest, our government has never worked for anyone other than a small group of rich, white (mostly) men. Structural reform is the only way to secure lasting change because it challenges the status quo and brings us closer to democracy by and for the people. This looks like: passing the For The People Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Act, DC statehood, fixing the courts, eliminating the filibuster, and so much more.

📝 Understand your member of Congress, understand our power.
It’s more critical than ever for Indivisibles to understand how their members of Congress think and how to apply pressure accordingly. From the start, Indivisible has been powered by constituent power — that’s because, unlike Trump, we want to govern, not destroy. Getting involved at the local level is the most effective way for you to be part of the political process and build the power we need to move our priorities in Washington.

Not only are we giving you a brand new guide today, but because there’s so much to discuss and unpack, we’ve also set up all kinds of support to… well… “guide you through the Guide.” We invite you to chart a path forward through the next few weeks and months with strategy sessions, weeks of action, and more.

🗓️ The People Lead virtual and in-person events
Members of Congress are scheduled to be in recess next week (the week of January 11), meaning they will be heading back to their states to address their districts’ issues. Since they’ll be at home and paying attention, we’re encouraging Indivisibles to organize and be heard. This is your opportunity to let your MoC know that you expect them to denounce the president’s actions and return to draw up articles of impeachment. You can join virtual events or, if you feel comfortable, choose to gather safely with other Indivisibles outside of our MoC’s district office starting next week. Check out our events map to find an event near you or register your own event with the help of our The People Lead Toolkit.

🗓️ We Won, What’s Next? Indivisible’s 2021 Strategy Session
Join us for this half-day strategy session, where we will discuss our plans to reform the American democracy as we head into a Democratic trifecta! We’ll be taking deep dives into the issues we’re prioritizing with our new power, highlighting the work that got us to this point and the lessons that will carry us forward. If you thrive in community and want to learn how to make a strategic impact, these trainings are for you.
Date: Sunday, January 31 at 3:00 pm EST — Register here.

The First Test of Our Power is Happening Right Now

We accomplished what the last Indivisible Guide set out to do: we defeated Trump and his enablers, we won in Georgia and took the Senate, and we sent an overwhelming message to the forces that allowed Trump to rise. But even in the final days of his presidency, Trump is a threat to our democracy. 

We’ve seen enough. It’s time to put our new Guide into action. We’re calling on the House of Representatives to immediately draw up articles of impeachment, move quickly to vote on them, and send them to the Senate for a speedy trial, where Trump must be convicted and disqualified from ever holding federal office again. Click here right now to call your members of Congress and tell them it’s time to impeach, convict and disqualify. Our new guide outlines the lessons from the last four years and the next steps we need to take to emerge from this crisis. 

Especially in this moment, we know that “healing” does not have to equal “compromise.” We have fought hard for these wins, and we are prepared to capitalize on our well-earned power. The results of the Georgia Senate runoffs show us what can be accomplished with sustained, deep organizing on the ground to motivate voters and continued pressure on the corrupt, anti-democratic systems that have festered for decades. The last four years have been arduous, heartbreaking, and traumatizing, and yet, the optimism, dedication, and hard work on the ground by grassroots activists made this victory possible. 

This trifecta victory — taking back the White House, keeping the House, and winning a majority in the Senate — is momentous and sweet after four years of hardship. We have a mandate, and it’s time to take it. But trifectas are also short and fleeting, and that’s why we need to act now.  

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team