Word is out! The Immigration Team has had enough success providing funds for DACA re-registrants that the community understands we are on the ‘up-and-up’ and thus can be trusted. We make them “family”. The requests do continue to come in.

Maria-Elena Dunn, Team Lead explains, “The recent donation directly to the Immigration Team from the PI treasury ($800), will cover only two of the three requests currently in the pipeline. Only Dreamers, who are already covered by DACA and need to renew (as they must every two years), qualify.  We provide $495 for the renewal fees and, have in the past, covered $60 towards whatever costs are involved to have forms professionally reviewed.  We now have properly trained individuals, locally, who will do that for free so we will limit our “award” to the $495.  Keep fingers crossed but, so far, we have a 500 batting average, even with a couple of somewhat difficult cases.

If anyone wants to contribute to this “fund,” contact Maria-Elena at latinoindivisible@gmail.com and she will reply with details on how to donate.