Here is a link to a video interview with our State Representative, Noel Campbell, about a potential State Park in the Granite Dells.

It is important to know a few things about a potential State Park in the Dells because a lot of people are understandably confused.

No one is talking about buying Arizona Eco Development’s (AED’s) land, nor should they be. As Noel made clear in this interview, AED should protect the 500 acres as a part of their mandatory 25% open space in their proposed annexation into the City of Prescott.

In the interview, the land that Noel was talking about the State potentially contributing would be State Trust land, and if the State were to buy any land, it would be other private lands in the Dells, not AED’s land (if indeed the State can buy any private lands in the Dells).

It’s important that people understand that no one is talking about buying AED’s land. AED is being asked to protect that land as public open space if they want to be annexed into the City. That is a totally separate deal from the State Park, although, if the 500 acres are protected as open space, there is a chance that it could end up in a State Park, if that’s how things work out.

Whether or not the State gets involved, Save the Dells will continue to work toward our larger goal of creating a Granite Dells Regional Park & Preserve (or a State Park if that comes to fruition) which could be up to 7,000 acres in size.

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